Reasons Why Cannabis-Related Businesses Need To Blog

Blogging is the cornerstone of content marketing, and it brings businesses all the benefits that content can bring. Blogging is the best way to increase traffic, authority, and brand trust for your business.

There are many reasons blogging works. But let’s focus on some of the few reasons blogging is crucial for cannabis-related businesses.


Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your business website. It’s as simple as that. According to research, websites with blogs get 434% more pages from Google and other search engines and 97% more incoming link than sites without blogs.

Each page of your website is an entry point for Google and other search engines. Individuals can also find you online through other websites. People will share your blog posts via email and social media if you are focused on writing useful, meaningful, and relevant posts. They will write about your posts for their blogs and websites.

Your blog and website will see a significant increase in traffic. All of these entry points can lead to increased brand awareness and ultimately more sales.


Your authority will increase as you get more links to your blog posts. This goes beyond authority within your target audience. Your blog posts can help people recognize you as an authority in the field. It also helps establish your online authority, which will lead to more search engine traffic, and online influencers will notice you.

Google ranks websites with more authority in search results higher than sites with less authority. Publishing useful content that people love to share and consume is a way to gain authority in Google’s search engine. Google will consider your website more authoritative if it sees people sharing your content naturally. Your pages should therefore appear higher in relevant searches.


Trusting your brand will increase word-of-mouth, loyalty, and sales from repeat and new customers.

Your target audience will trust you if you consistently publish authoritative content on your blog. Your target audience will feel more comfortable buying from you, so they’ll be more inclined to share your content with others and purchase from you.

Your blog content must be consistent with the brand image you want to project. Consumers will be confused by your brand and may abandon it altogether in their search for one that fulfills all of their needs in every interaction.

Confusion is the brand killer. To increase brand trust, ensure that every brand experience, from your blog content to your ads, to social media posts, in-store experiences, and everything else, reflects a consistent brand message.


Your website won’t be able to get visitors if it doesn’t have traffic. Your website can get more traffic if you have a blog that is written well and offers useful, trustworthy information for your target audience.

You want to reach as many people as possible through your blog posts. This will allow you to drive traffic to your blog and turn it into active leads via lead generation campaigns (e.g.┬álead magnets, newsletter subscriptions, etc.). After acquiring prospects’ email addresses via an opt-in process you can nurture, engage and convert them to sales using email marketing. This lead generation method is very effective but requires a blog to get the best returns.


After your blog has generated traffic to your site and grown your customer base, you can start to make sales. Your blog posts shouldn’t be completely self-promotional. No one wants to see a continuous stream of ads. However, you can add some self-promotional ads to your posts or include a call-to-action. 80-20 is a good balance where at least 80% of your posts and content aren’t self-promotional, and only 20% can be.

This means that you can promote a sale, discount, new product, or any other promotion on your blog as long as it is useful, meaningful, and relevant to your target audience. Make sure you link directly from your blog post to a page where visitors can complete the action that is desired. You’ll get more sales and convert more leads if you make it as simple as possible.

The Key Takeaways From Blogging For Cannabis Business

Every business should have a blog. This includes cannabis-related businesses as well. Blogs can deliver measurable growth over time. You should consider hiring a professional guest post service for publishing high-quality blog content to increase your website traffic, authority, and brand trust as well as leads and sales.

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