Considering Hiring A Staffing Agency: Here’s What You Should Know

A staffing agency may save your company time and money while also assisting you in finding skilled workers.

  • If your company requires additional labor, working with a staffing agency can save you time while also providing other benefits such as flexibility and reduced legal risks.
  • Staffing companies often charge a markup ranging from 25% to 100% of the recruited employee’s salary.

Using a staffing agency isn’t the best option for every company, but if you’re thinking about using one to fulfill your recruiting needs, here’s what you should know about the process.


What Exactly Is A Staffing Agency?

A staffing service finds individuals for firms who need to fill certain roles. They assist businesses in hiring for a variety of positions, including temporary (an assignment with a predetermined start and end date), temp to hire (an assignment that is originally temporary but is used to assist an employer in determining the temp worker’s long-term fit with the organization), and direct hire.

If the agency does not have a readily accessible and acceptable applicant in its talent pool, it would normally post the position on job boards such as Indeed and other sites where job seekers are likely to search. The firm may also reach out to qualified individuals directly using professional sites such as LinkedIn, which allows them to narrow down search results by keyword, job function, area, industry, and more. This method is especially helpful when looking for a niche specialist with a certain skill set.


What Exactly Is The Staffing Agency Procedure?

Many small businesses continue to struggle to find skilled employees. Indeed, according to data, 69% of worldwide companies are struggling to recruit individuals with the correct balance of technical, soft, and human skills, a 15-year high. A temp agency Houston can assist your company in overcoming this difficulty.

When you require new employees and decide to work with a staffing agency, the procedure is normally as follows.

  1. The employer makes contact with a staffing agency. First, you’ll contact a staffing firm that specializes in your business, describing the job duties, the number of workers required, the schedule for hiring new employees, and the hourly rate or compensation.
  2. The job description is created by the agency. The recruiting firm then creates and publishes a job description for your company. If there is a strong fit for the job, it may also contact a possible candidate directly.
  3. The agency screens applicants. They then choose the most qualified candidates to introduce to your company’s recruiting manager.
  4. The final decision is made by the employer. Before making a final hiring choice, the hiring manager or business owner might interview the top applicants from the employment agency. This saves you and your team time that would otherwise be spent going through a large number of candidates.
  5. The agency handles the paperwork. Most staffing firms handle all documentation related to new employment, including contracts, taxes, and other payroll obligations.


Benefits Of Working With A Staffing Agency

Staffing firms have become a crucial resource for sourcing talent quickly and effectively as businesses increasingly resort to part-time, freelance, and temporary workers to cover workforce gaps.


Quick Hiring

The labor market has shifted dramatically in recent years, and the hiring process is lengthier and more complex than in prior decades. Working with a recruiting agency expedites and simplifies the process.


The Team Burden Has Been Reduced

One advantage of using a staffing agency rather than allocating hiring responsibilities to a member of your team is that it frees that employee to focus on key role-specific activities. A staffing firm may concentrate on the recruiting process; after all, that is its primary purpose. That challenge is solved by a recruiting business.


Hiring For Specialized Positions

More than 9 out of 10 businesses are unable to fill a post owing to a skills gap, according to Monster’s Future of Work Report 2022. A specialist employment service can make the process of hiring a specialty worker with certain abilities easier.

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