What Is Moissanite And The Five Advantages Of Moissanite Rings?

Are you familiar with the three-month rule? The conventional “rule” states that your engagement ring should cost at least three months’ salary of your significant other. We judge that this rule is out of date and somewhat ridiculous.

Diamonds are eternal, correct? They are meant to represent the permanence of your forthcoming marriage. However, did you realize that diamonds have a bloody past?

Moissanite is significantly more beautiful, brighter, less expensive, and less guilt-inducing than diamonds, and it’s right there for the taking.

Take a moment and consider the option of a gorgeous moissanite ring from Tovaa if you haven’t yet decided on the ring you will give to your significant other.

What Exactly Is Moissanite?

Dr. Henri Moissan discovered a little sample of a new mineral concealed within an Arizona meteorite more than a century ago. This mineral may be the most dazzling, lustrous, and tough gemstone.

However, there was simply not enough of the stone. They couldn’t even use it to make earrings. Even though he did not discover the method for creating these stones in a laboratory, the individuals who did so named the stone in his honor.

Then, after years of research and a groundbreaking discovery, scientists discovered that moissanite could be manufactured and distributed. A single crystal of silicon carbide is used to create moissanite.

These lab-created stones are cut by master cutters, and their similarities to diamonds are evident. Moissanite, however, possesses more fire, brightness, and sparkle than a diamond at a fraction of the cost.

What Are The Advantages Of Moissanite Engagement Rings?

When you consider all the benefits of moissanite rings, it’s amazing how popular diamonds are. We will now discuss some of these.


The pricing is one of the greatest advantages of moissanite over diamonds.

The price is determined by its size,shape and whether or not it has been improved.

A one-carat diamond may cost around $5,000, whereas a one-carat moissanite could cost around $600.


Here are a few examples of the various cuts available for moissanite rings:

  • Round
  • Emerald
  • Heard
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Cushion

These are only a few examples. You may even find a starburst-shaped ring if you’re searching for something non-traditional.

Longevity And Resilience

Another advantageous aspect of a moissanite ring is its durability. Moissanite stones do not lose their brilliance or become cloudy or dull with time. It will remain as brilliant as the day you purchased it years later. It is something you will be able to pass down to your children and keep in the family for generations.

These rings are also sturdy. They are resilient against abrasion and scratching. While a diamond ring is tougher than a moissanite band, its durability is comparable.

They are second only to diamonds on the Mohs scale, making them the hardest gemstones available.

Moissanite is also resistant to shattering and chipping. Moissanite is therefore ideal for daily wear, regardless of the activity.


Moissanite is an exceptionally dazzling mineral. With this stone, the light return is much greater than that of a diamond. Moissanite appears to glow and shimmer regardless of the light source.

Guilt Free

There have been numerous news articles about conflict diamonds recently. This is an important human rights problem.

A conflict diamond is mined in African war zones to fuel the ongoing civil battles there. Despite what the media portrays, these diamonds are still traded internationally.

These diamonds are used to finance wars, violence, poverty, and unethical mining techniques. Even companies who say their diamonds are obtained ethically have recently been criticized for questionable business methods.

Your moissanite is unequivocally sourced ethically. They are cultivated in laboratories under safe and equitable circumstances by scientists using the most advanced equipment.

However, Are Diamonds Not An Investment?

People who like diamonds frequently object to moissanite rings because diamonds are an investment. But this simply is not the case.

In certain instances, diamonds are investments. But it is hard for the common person to acquire one of these stones. They are the type of diamonds owned by royalty.

In actuality, the average diamond depreciates quite rapidly.

Moissanite Rings Constitute A Valid Option

Do not listen to traditionalists who insist that your engagement ring must be a diamond. There are numerous reasons to buy a moissanite ring for your significant other, and they are a durable, high-quality option. These rings will give you unparalleled shine and sparkle.

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