The Basics You Need to Know About Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is similar to darts and is becoming popular since it is a more enjoyable sport. You will have to throw the axe into the target. The points are given similarly to other target sports. Now you can book easily book an event online for axe throwing Buford GA, no matter the occasion. Whether it be a birthday, dates, family get-together, or anything.

At Axe Master axe throwing experiences is fun. You can book events or even rental spaces at affordable prices. Even if you are a beginner, you can enjoy axe throwing here. There are specific Styrofoam axes and a designated play area for kids under 8 and they can participate free.

If you are a beginner who is interested in the game of axes, you need to know which axe will suit you best. You have to try different types of axes to know how it works for you.


Hatchet throwing is mostly preferred. There are different types of hatchets, and every type has got some specific use. When compared to other types of axes, these are relatively small and are used to cut small branches or other obstacles.


These are first created by Native American tribes and are relatively thin and light. It has a straight handle that makes it easier to throw at an enemy in battle.

Splitting Axes

These are also known as mauls and are mainly used for splitting wood. The long handles of splitting axes give leverage to the user to produce a powerful swing. The heavy concave head shape makes it easier to split the wood.

Felling Axes

These are mainly used to fall trees and chop wood. To give superior strength, hickory wood is used to make the handle. Felling axes have long handle and heavy head that makes it easier to fall trees and branches.

Double-edged Axes

As the name implies, these have double edges. One with a sharp edge and the other with a blunt edge. Instead of having both a hatchet and a felling axe, double-edged are handy for the users and are widely used in axe-throwing competitions like Lumberjack World Champions.

The Basics of Throwing An Axe

Here are some basics on how to throw an axe if you are interested in joining the league or want to practice at home.

What Axe to Use?

Use the sharper one always because it gives you more chances of sticking to the board even with lesser force.


Next is the target that you can also make on your own with the help of WATL resources.

Axe Throwing Stance

Either you use a single hand or both, make sure that there is a distance of 12 feet from the target. If you are a beginner, throwing the axe with both hands will be easier for you. You will be standing in line with the bullseye. If you are throwing a single hand, you keep your shoulder line up with the bullseye.


Safety plays a crucial role when it comes to throwing an axe. Make sure that there is no one between you and the target. There should be at least a 6-feet radius of a gap between you and other people.


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