Heart-melting Wedding Countdown Gifts To Treat Your Power Couple

As a ritual to symbolise the joining of two families, weddings are the most celebrated occasion with family and friends. With such a once-off event, there is always an urge to make sure that everything is outstanding, from the wedding reception to the gifts. However, you should not just wait for the wedding day to express love and best wishes to your beloved couple. There is a wide variety of gifts that you can present to the lovebirds to spruce up their relationship and give them peace of mind during their wedding month. Thanks to online stores, you do not have to break a leg or the bank to send cakes to Calcutta; you can do it all conveniently from the comfort of your home. This post shares heart-melting wedding preparation countdown gifts to treat your power couple. Take a look.

Mini notebooks

There is no denying that there will be a lot going up and about to make sure that everything is in place for the big day! With such an urgency, some essential things may slip the mind. But, when your power couple has a set of mini notebooks to check off all the items from the list, they will not miss a single thing. So, take the surprise a step further by having the notebooks printed with their names, photos, and a wedding theme.

Personalised fridge magnets

The fridge is one of the most important kitchen appliances that everyone at home ritually visits to get chilled food and beverages. Make lasting memories with your power couple with personalised fridge magnets. You can go with a rustic wooden fridge magnet for the wedding invitations. Since the fridge is the most visited appliance in the house, no one will miss the wedding. For your special couple, you can go with a personalised fridge magnet with their photos and a message.

Personalised keychains

Be it house, car, bike, or locker keys, we all carry a set of keys around! This initiative also brings about a special gift for loved ones they will always appreciate. Present your beloved couple with a set of personalised keychains. Keychains are among the best and unique personalized wedding gifts  There are unique keychains from which to choose depending on the designs and customisations. You can also spruce up the wedding invitations by paring the fridge magnets and keychains with a wedding theme.

Personalised wine bottle

If your power couple drinks wine, a personalised wine bottle to sip their favourite wine and wine glasses will go a long way to alleviate their stress and anxiety. Spruce up the wine gift with a wine holder. There is a wide variety of wine holder designs from which you can choose, so pick the ideal option for your power couple.


When a couple has tied the knot, friends and family start addressing them respectfully. Raise the bar for your power couple before they tie the knot with a customised wooden nameplate. There is a wide variety of nameplate designs and customisations for decorating office desks and the home. Check out trending nameplate options on social media platforms and online gift stores.

Photo gifts

A picture is a timeless souvenir that will always bring back vivid memories of the conversation, faces, and feelings when it was taken. Be part of your power couple’s life by presenting them with heart-melting photo gifts they will cherish forever. There is a ton of options from which you can choose! Consider options like personalised explosion photo boxes, photo frames, wall clocks, t-shirts, posters, mugs, and lamps.

Fruit gift hamper

With the coined phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,”  let your power couple know how much they mean to you with a fruit gift hamper for their wedding month! All you need to do is put together an assortment of fresh and dry fruits in a basket. You can also include various other gifts like indoor plants and herbs.


Cakes are the centrepiece of all wedding celebrations, among other eventful occasions! Since the task of choosing the wedding cake lies on the shoulders of your power couple, you can get their creative juices flowing with an assortment of cupcakes and desserts in Gaya. You simply need to choose the best flavours, designs, and packaging, then make arrangements to send cakes to Gaya. So that you get the most from this surprise, do some investigation on their favourite cake options and check out trending options online.


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