What Makes Christmas In Malta So Extraordinary?

Although Malta is best known as a tropical paradise during the warm summer months, it is also a wonderful destination during the winter months, particularly around the time of Christmas. You should have some inkling that spending Christmas in Malta would be a delightful experience because CNN has named Malta the best Christmas travel destination three times in the last ten years.

Since the Roman Catholic faith constitutes the majority in Malta, Christmas is unquestionably the most important religious celebration that takes place on the islands. The holiday season in Malta is marked by a plethora of spectacular cultural events, eye-catching decorations, and of course, a shopping extravaganza! The following are some of the Christmas traditions that are unique to Malta and help to make the holiday a memorable occasion.

The Christmas Lights On The Island Of Valetta

The city of Valetta goes all out with its holiday decorations, and the result is breathtaking. It is possible to spend the entirety of the night wandering the streets of the capital city of Malta, bewitched by the sight of its magnificent Christmas light decorations. During the holiday season, the entire city is decorated with sparkling lights all over it. There is not a single spot in all of Valetta that does not have bright Christmas lights strung across it, from houses to roundabouts.

The glittering Christmas lights are not even close to being the only attraction that the UNESCO World Heritage site has to offer. There will be choirs singing the carols in churches that are lit only by candlelight, giving off an ethereal atmosphere. As people come out to celebrate the special day, the streets are filled with activity and noise. Concerts and other types of open-air events will also be happening all over the city at various locations.

A “Living Crib” In The City Of Ghajnsielem

Nativity scenes are a common sight in countries where the Christian religion is the majority religion; Malta is not an exception to this rule. If you travel to Gozo, you will not only be able to see the traditional arrangements of clay figures, but you will also be able to witness a live nativity scene. A village serves as the backdrop for the exhibit “Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem,” which spans 20,000 square meters and features actors who portray the birth of Christ. It is a one-of-a-kind occasion, and you will be sorry if you miss it.

Santa’s Village Of Gifts

You do not have to go all the way to the North Pole to witness Santa’s elves putting the finishing touches on their preparations for the big day. Popeye’s Village, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malta, has recreated Rovanami, the village where Santa Claus lives, complete with toy-making elves who are hard at work producing gifts for children who have been particularly good throughout the year. If you are going on a trip with your children, you absolutely must make a stop at this location.

Amazingly Pleasant Weather

While the rest of Europe will be shivering in arctic weather, you may be fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Malta, where the sun will shine and the skies will be clear blue. On the other hand, this is not a given because Malta does experience snowy days, albeit on a very infrequent basis. The temperature during Christmas typically ranges from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, which is significantly higher than the temperatures that are experienced in other parts of the continent.

Numerous Places That Host Christmas Markets

If you don’t buy gifts for the people you care about, Christmas will never feel complete. People still go to traditional stores, even in this day and age of online shopping, in the hopes of finding the ideal present. The streets take on a very festive air as a result of this. In addition to high-end brand products, you can also purchase a wide variety of locally crafted goods that were made by hand and would make excellent Christmas presents.

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