How To Choose The Right Web Design Company

Your online presence matters more than ever. Therefore, if you feel your website is out of date, it may be time for a redesign. How do you select the right web agency to upgrade your site?

Start by conducting some reconnaissance. To find web design firms in your local area, do some online searches and ask for references from professionals. Make a list, regardless if they’re in your industry, of the websites you like, and then find out who built them.

Once you have a list of potential web design companies, follow the steps below to ensure that you pick the right partner.

  • Make sure you research the company. The web design company you choose to build your website will have the ultimate control over your company’s future. Look at the website of every potential web agency to find out how long they have been in business, what they offer, and what skills they have. Visit the website to find testimonials from clients or case studies. Finally, check out reviews on third-party sites.
  • Make sure to visit the website of any potential agency. Many web design firms will include a portfolio section so that you can view examples of their work. Are the websites they’ve created expertly designed and simple to navigate? Are their featured clients comparable in size? Are the sites comparable in scope? Do the sites offer the functionality that you would need to create your site?
  • Look at their websites. Many web design firms have online portfolios where you can view their work. In these samples, ask yourself: Is their website professional? How easy to use? Is the website design a symphony of styles or a template? Do you resemble the client? Do they have the website features you need? Are there websites your industry has used?
  • List website needs. A list of must-haves before speaking to agencies will make the vetting process more effective, prevent you from forgetting priorities during sales, and help you swiftly restrict your list of prospects to those who meet all your criteria. Basic criteria include WordPress experience, responsiveness, interaction with third-party systems, and online registrations, payments, or registrations. A second wish list might be prepared for elements that aren’t essential but could make choosing an agency difficult (e.g., logo design and secure hosting, content creation, ongoing marketing, experience with printing design, etc).
  • Budget, timeframe, and expectations. Knowing when and how much you need the website is crucial. When looking for a web design partner, know your budget and what’s included. You must know the fees and other costs. Timeliness is key. If you need to launch before a key industry event, product launch, or sales cycle, set a timeline. Inform candidates about the deadline and ask if they can meet it. Ask what they’ll do if late.
  • Contact them to make an initial phone call about your project. Set up a meeting. Watch how they treat this initial call. Are these friendly and approachable? Do they have questions about your company or the details of the project? If you are looking for a long-term partnership with an agency, this company should be evaluated. This is why chemistry is so important. You might not end up dealing with the person answering your phone the most. However, once you are signed up as a client, this person will still reflect the company’s overall personality so make sure it feels good.
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