Commercial Water Damage: Its Causes and How to Repair It

Commercial Water Damage: Its Causes and How to Repair It

Water damage in a commercial building can be disastrous. For example, it can damage work equipment, affect the employees’ health and safety, and weaken the property’s structure. To avoid these issues, property managers should identify the causes of water damage quickly and mitigate the problem as soon as possible. Regular property inspection makes it easier to spot a problem area. Here are the causes of commercial water damage and ways to repair it.

Damaged Roofing System

The roofing system is a vital commercial building component. However, it can easily develop structural damage due to direct exposure to weather elements like strong winds, snowfall, and heavy rain.

When one of the roofing components breaks or gets damaged, water can leak and intrude into the property. This can cause mold damage and stains on the walls and ceiling. Inspecting the roof regularly and implementing proper maintenance practices can help prevent a leaky roof and its related water damage.

Clogged Gutters

If the property manager fails to clean them regularly, dust, leaves, ice, or other debris can clog the gutters. Consequently, water can leak into the commercial building through the roof or foundation. A wet frame is a sign of water damage on the foundation. The most effective way to prevent this issue is to clean the gutters as regularly as possible.

Damaged or Broken Pipes and Sprinklers

The plumbing system can cause commercial water damage. For instance, old, rusty, and broken pipes can leak water into the building. Moreover, the building’s sprinkler system could be leaking. These issues facilitate mold growth in the basement, cause a musty smell on the property, and stain the walls and ceiling.

Property owners or managers should contact a water damage professional when they identify any of these signs. These experts usually use water leak detection equipment to discover all leaking pipes or sprinklers and fix them before they cause further damage.

Damaged Windows

Windows improve a commercial building’s structure and design. However, they are also an easy entry point for water when improperly sealed or poorly maintained.

Old age can also cause this problem because caulk usually wears off naturally over time. To prevent leaky windows, property managers should hire builders to reseal them regularly and conduct proper maintenance.

Faulty HVAC System

Every commercial building requires a functional heating and cooling system to make the space more comfortable and increase employee productivity. However, this system can break down and become a source of severe water damage if it lacks proper maintenance. Therefore, system operators should regularly check and clean the HVAC system to ensure that it is in excellent condition.

Natural Disasters and Severe Weather

Storms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms can damage a commercial building and cause leakage and water intrusion. While property managers cannot prevent these disasters, they can implement various preventive measures to maintain the building and prepare it for these events.

For example, they can create a proper drainage system, install a strong roofing system, and clean gutters. They can also design an effective disaster response plan before the disaster strikes.

Repairing Commercial Water Damage

Fixing water damage in commercial property as soon as possible can prevent business interruption and expensive repairs. The most effective water damage clean up method depends on the water damage source and the amount of damage caused. Here are a few of them.

Dry Affected Areas

Firstly, professional cleaners should eliminate any standing water from the property and dry the space using dehumidifiers and fans.

Cleaning and Repainting Walls

A water-damaged property has stained walls and ceilings. Cleaning, drying, and repainting them can effectively restore water damage. The professional should also apply products that inhibit mold growth.

Cleaning the Furniture

Removing furniture and equipment soaked in water from the building is an effective water damage clean-up method. This is because they are likely to get wetter if they continue sitting in a water-damaged space. Cleaning and storing them in a dry and properly-ventilated room will prevent potential damage.

Facility Maintenance

The cleaning professionals should also clean and disinfect the entire commercial property. This will prevent health issues and the growth of mold and bacteria.

In summary, addressing commercial water damage can prevent health issues, expensive repairs, and disturbances at the workplace. Property managers should schedule regular property inspections and maintain the building properly. They should also seek assistance from professionals to resolve water damage.


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