How to Care for a Rescued Hoarded Dog to Present a Good Life?

How to Care for a Rescued Hoarded Dog to Present a Good Life?

Understanding the Basic Concepts of Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is nothing but the accumulation of an exceeding number of animals like birds, dogs, cats, horses, and others by individuals. In such a scenario, the owners fail to provide them with fundamental needs, resulting in serious animal suffering. In most hoarding realities, individuals keep these animals outside or in old cars or mobile homes.
Since they get imprisoned in enclosures, they lead the most unhygienic life conditions you have ever experienced. The animals face serious health issues and injuries to the lungs, eyes, and nasal passages. The most pathetic situation arises when they have to fight for minimal food. Without proper nutrition, their growth is interrupted, and they often fail to survive.

Essential Tips for Caring the Rescued Hoarded Dogs

· Offer your dog one toy for chewing and allowing it to release stress.
· Pay limited attention for the first few days and give enough time to adjust.
· Don’t try to interact with the dogs in a high-pitched voice. Otherwise, it may worsen the situation.
· Only the owner is recommended to attend to the dog for the first week. Since the dog stays in great shock, they need to give enough space to adapt to the new environment.
· Rename your dog to develop a personal touch
· The parent must offer the dog food in a bowl and let her take the food through her hands and smell it.
· A start exercise routine, take her out for a walk and provide healthy food to help the dog get used to normal living.
· When visitors come to your home, never try to force your dog to interact with them unless and until she shows any interest.
· Emphasize routine checkups of your rescued hoarded dog with the veterinarian to ensure good health.
· Install a dog invisible fence around your residential boundary to make her aware of the safe zone.
· Give her enough training to develop mentally and physically.

What to Avoid With Hoarded Dogs?

· Don’t force your dog to get socialized. Give her enough time to adapt to the new situation and approach the new people.
· If you consider that anything bad will happen soon, wait for the dog to approach. If you try to encourage her, it might have negative effects.
· It seems insignificant to chase your dog unnecessarily. If a certain situation comes when your dog needs to be handled for taking outside or keeping calm, wait for her to get settled. Once you discover her on the bed, get down to her level and approach her gradually. After your dog is handled, you can offer her some food.
· Since hoarded dogs have grown in an inappropriate environment, it would not be appropriate to punish her for the soling house or showing misbehaviours. Once you start giving your dog punishment, she will get afraid and can be more aggressive.

Give Enough Support to Your Adopted Dog to Get Adjusted to the New World

Most rescued dogs from hoarded situations have serious behavioural problems that need enough time to treat. As a pet owner, you must provide them with the utmost training and support to get rid of their fear and understand the actual world.
Study their behaviour closely and take professional help to make the most informed decision. Once these dogs get accustomed to their human companion, they escape their helpless conditions. Take patience and read these dogs’ minds to help her return to a normal life.

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