Where To Go In Malta If You Have An Intense Passion For History?

If you have a passion for history, you are going to find that Malta is like a playground to you. Even though going to museums isn’t required, you can still include them in your schedule if you’d like. If you are unsure of where you should go… In certain regions of the island, history may be found all over the place, on the corner of every street.

The history books are, of course, the greatest place to start for someone interested in history in Malta. As soon as you get acquainted with the tales of the Knights of Malta and the Great Siege of 1565, every nook and cranny of Senglea, Birgu, and Valletta will tell you its own unique story.

When planning your itinerary, we recommend starting with a trip to the museums, and then after that, venturing out onto the streets to see the city’s live history.

The Museum of Archaeology and the Palace Armory are the two locations that you should go to first when you are here. Both of these locations may be reached on foot in a matter of minutes in Valletta, where they are both easily accessible. It is quite simple to get there with a car, and only a few minutes away there are parking spots specifically dedicated for cars and other car-sharing vehicles.

Cannons, firearms, swords, tools, and sets of armor that were used by the Knights of Malta are on display in this area of the museum. In addition, the Museum of Archaeology houses an incredible collection of authentic coins that date back to the time of the Knights. One of the many wonderful things that this institution has to offer is this permanent display.

You should also go for a stroll about Valletta so that you may admire the architecture, locate the auberges, and search for the numerous coats of arms that are displayed on significant structures. We strongly suggest that you visit Valletta at night if you want to get the most out of its ancient architecture. This is because the illumination at night highlights the architectural shapes and makes it much simpler to appreciate the city’s historical elements. Because Valletta is such a popular destination for shopping and sightseeing in the morning, it might be challenging to appreciate the city’s architecture when it is crowded.

After you have finished hearing all of the tales that Valletta has to offer, you are free to travel to Birgu and Senglea. The genuine sword and cap that belonged to La Vallette can still be found in Birgu. He was the Grandmaster who commanded the defense of Valletta during the Great Siege, and he was also the person who gave the city its name.

Some people believe that La Vallette’s ceremonial sword, which is currently on display at the Louvre in Paris, should be sent back to Malta because he was such a significant person in Maltese history. However, both the sword that La Valletta used to battle with and the cap that he wore while doing so are still in Brig. They may be observed at the chapel in Birgu that is devoted to the Blessed Virgin of Damascus (Vittoriosa). During the Great Siege, La Vallette would pray at the chapel, so he decided to leave them there as an expression of appreciation to Our Lady of Damascus. He also donated them to the chapel.

This chapel may be found near the tower that was once used by La Valletta to monitor the harbor. Before the construction of Valletta, the Knights’ auberges were situated in Birgu. It is a magical experience to stroll around the streets of this ancient city. The older buildings are wonderful, and you could easily spend the better part of the day admiring them as you amble through the streets.


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