Re-branding of Cisco Certification System

Cisco Certification System

Since Cisco live announced the launch of the new certification system on February 24, 2020, various training institutions have been analyzing the changes which have taken place. Some friends and candidates have left messages to ask about these changes. So this hot afternoon, I’ll have a chat with you.

It is a rebranding of Cisco certification system Don’t compare the new certification system with the old one. The new certification system is modular and easier to expand. Engineers can choose what they want to learn and combine them to form their own profile.

CCNP + + only needs the “Core + Concentration” two exams. Specific subjects and outlines can be found on Cisco’s website.

For example: if an engineer is only interested in Firepower, he doesn’t have to pass the V.P.N certification. But he can still obtain the CCNP security certificate.

An engineer who has passed the Enterprise Core Exam can choose to take one or both of the two exams of Data Center or Enterprise, so he can pass CCNP certification in two different fields.

The contents of CCDA and CCDP certification are distributed in each field of certification. It has become an exam involving design in each track.

There isn’t much information about Cisco Certified DevNet Professional. Stay tuned.

CCIE certification is still an assessment of both experience and knowledge. The design part is added. The design part of CCIE is similar to that of CCDE, which gives specific design requirements and scenarios for candidates to design. The main difference is that CCIE focuses on LLD (Low Level Design), while CCDE mainly assesses the knowledge of HLD (High Level Design).

CCIE Wireless has been integrated into CCIE Enterprise to become CCIE Enterprise Wireless.

The form of CCIE certification exam is still qualification exam + lab exam, not “written” exam. It also means that CCIE written exam cannot be used for re-certification. Unless it’s CCDE written

For example, candidates who have passed the CCNP core ENCOR 300-401 exam can directly participate in the lab exam of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. Candidates of CCNP Enterprise can save the cost of written exam. If candidates who have obtained CCIE certificate want to apply for CCNP certification, they only need to take another one exam.

Devops (Script) and Atomation have always been the trend of the network industry. Being able to view and write simple scripts is basically enough for the exam, and the assessment is about implementation skills. Pay more attention to and learn Ansible and Ruby at work. As for phyton, learning one more skill don’t weigh on you. There is no harm in trying a few more languages. Learning other languages will help you look beyond your previous limitations because your language limits the way you think and express.

Being able to use tools can reduce the workload of engineers and improve efficiency. Imagine that a data center needs to deploy 4000 physical servers (100 network devices) within 2 hours. In the traditional way, one engineer can’t finish the task by configuring network devices one by one within 2 hours. But with scripts or batch deployment tools, an engineer may be able to complete it in more than 30 minutes. When efficiency is improved, engineers can also concentrate on more complex situations

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