How To Benefit From Text Message Recruiting?

Companies spend hours going through the piles of resumes to discover the right talent for the job opening. If they have no HR department, they reach out to recruitment agencies but are not satisfied with the choice of candidates. There is a better way for both organizations with an HR department and businesses that don’t have one. Text recruiting software is a potent tool that helps in the tedious hiring process.

If you are new then try GoHire. It helps recruiters attract, engage, and hire. Workflows are automated and the results of sending text messages have fast responses, so the hiring process speeds up.

Text message recruiting sounds odd but has become a popular way to connect with new job seekers. Around 80% of emails are not opened including the ones you sent about job openings. So, employees are considering text hiring because 80% of companies use text messages in one form or another.

Which businesses can use text message recruiting tools?

High-volume businesses need a consistent recruitment process. It includes retail, nursing, food services, hospitality, and more.

Nearly 85% of the people in the US own smartphones. Therefore you can nearly reach everyone via their mobile devices.

Advantages of text message recruiting

Feels personal

SMS recruiting when done right makes the receiver feel connected. Everyone is often on the phone, so text message seems more informal than emails. It works in the recruiter’s favor because human beings always look for deep connections and emails make them feel impersonal.

Narrow down the interview pool

Weeding out potential candidates is difficult and lengthy. You send emails to the candidates or approach them via phone calls. You have to ask multiple questions like are they prepared to work in shifts or do they have a specific skill set needed.

These questions are crucial but eat the recruiter’s or employees’ time. The recruiters can have text conversations in one sitting asking simple questions or about shifts and skillsets. One candidate may be unavailable for shifts or skillsets, the recruiter can remove their name and thus narrow down the interview pool.

The response rate is high

In comparison to the 20% email read rate, text messages have a significant open rate of 98%. Emails get lost in the spam filters or remain unopened and even if some are read there may be no response. On the other hand, text messages are guaranteed to click through.

Text recruiting is different than emails. Their tone differs and there is no sufficient space.

How to benefit from a text message recruiting tool?

Text message recruiting can give an edge. Your company looks professional and tech-savvy to a target recruit. In this digital era, candidates feel comfortable. To make the most of text message recruiting here are some tips.

  • Personalize text with the name of the candidate, so it does not look like you are sending mass texts.
  • Use plain language.
  • Keep text simple, short, and to the point.
  • Keep words informal yet professional.
  • Less is more and no emojis!

You may need some inspiration when you start texting but a template can help!


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