Car Shipping Tips- How to Transport a Car in Australia?

Car Shipping Tips

Car Shipping Tips are helpful for car transport in Australia. If you don’t have the right information, shipping a car to Australia could be challenging.

Car Shipping Tips for Car Moving in Australia

You must follow car Shipping Tips for vehicle transport in Australia. Here are some suggestions to follow before getting car shipping quotes. It will instruct you on everything else you ought to know.

  1. Car-Cleaning Procedures

You might be wondering why washing the car comes first. It is merely a requirement for the steps that follow.

It does not have any direct relation with the transport of automobiles. You should wash your car’s exterior. It is a crucial phase in car transportation.

  1. Check the outside of the car

Examine the outside of the car to see whether there is any damage before vehicle transport. It will help to safeguard both you and the auto transport company.

Any damage to the vehicle that has already happened is not the responsibility of the car shipping firm.

  1. Take out your car keys.

It would help if you took the key out of the car before giving the car to the driver. This would set you free from the challenge. We believe the customer utilizes a door-to-door service whenever the business says, “handing over the car to the driver.”

  1. Take pictures for the safety of the car

At the time of auto-delivery, you can forget about the damage that you evaluated. Consequently, it’s a good idea to record the vehicle with photos. It will help keep all conflicts with the car shipping company at bay.

  1. Take all your costly items

Some auto transport companies assert that customers are free to leave their goods in the vehicle. But if you are driving an open car, it is preferable to avoid doing so. The absence of walls and ceilings in open automotive transport trailers makes them prone to theft and break-ins.

  1. Auto Damage

Check to see if the transport process harmed your car. To learn more about compensation and liability levels, kindly contact the carrier. In any event, carriers do not provide coverage for damaged or un-drivable vehicles.

  1. Adhere to the Transport Conditions and Terms

Every auto mover has its own set of rules and regulations. It will help if you abode by those rules for car shipping quotes. Common Car Transport terms include:

  1. a) The car is undamaged. Thus, the vehicle transport company can drive it.
  2. b) The standard height is considered when the width and length are under 5.2 meters. Higher vehicles can still be moved, although there can be extra costs.
  3. c) There must be a 6-inch/150-mm clearance.
  4. d) When determining a vehicle’s measurements, start at the highest point, such as the roof racks, folded-in mirror edges, the bumper, the tow ball, etc.
  5. e) Handbrakes and functional brakes.
  6. f) The windows and roofing will be transported in a covered container at an additional cost if they are in poor condition.
  7. g) The car should start without difficulty for vehicle transport.
  8. h) The car shouldn’t be heavier than three tons.
  9. i) For depot drop-offs, you must reserve the car before two business days. There are no available urgent same-day drop-offs.
  10. j) We require a minimum of five business days’ notice for pickups. In rural areas, the pickup could take longer.
  11. Bringing items inside a vehicle

Except when selecting the “Goods in Car” option, all cars must be empty. Please be aware that a car transport company may only provide this service for goods that fit the following requirements:

  • Not heavier than 80 kg.
  • You must obstruct no windows in any way.
  • You shouldn’t place items on the floor in front of the front seats or behind the driver’s seat.

Due to the goods, vehicle transporters are not responsible for any loss or damage to goods or vehicles.

  1. Items in a Vacant Vehicle

An automobile will still be regarded as empty if any of the following items are inside:

  • Extra Tire
  • Toolbox
  • Booster seats and baby seats (fitted, not loose)
  1. Prepare yourself before pickup.

Dates for pick up and transit are simply estimates. They only apply to workdays, not weekends or holidays. Pickup dates and transit days could change because of the busy times of the year, natural disasters, and backlogs.

The transit time officially begins when the package is picked up or delivered at the depot. Please avoid scheduling meetings, vacations, or sporting events around predicted transit times.

  1. Get Ready for Collection of Vehicles

Each reservation made with a car shipping firm is distinct. Companies usually require a notice of at least three working days. before collecting your car for metropolitan door collections.

Rural collections will need more advance notice. The day or hour you specify as your chosen collection date and time are not guaranteed. You will receive a call from one of their fleet controllers or load planners to arrange a day and window of time before collection.

  1. Car must be damage-free- Car Shipping Tips

Cars that are up for auction must be drivable and damage-free. The fixed cost does not consider damaged vehicles; thus, the service should be re-quoted if the car has any damage. You must provide this information while making a service reservation

  1. Don’t alter the Booking Information.

Make sure you always give the correct information the first time for car shipping quotes. Any modifications you make after making the reservation may result in additional fees.

Changes made after a confirmed booking may incur an administrative cost that raises the set pricing for your service.

  1. Cancel a reservation with written documentation

Vehicle transport booking cancellations must be made in writing. Booking cancellations made by phone are not valid. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation, the automobile moving firms reserve the right to charge an additional fee.

In addition, there are fines for providing inaccurate information while making a reservation. A refund policy could take up to 5 business days. Suppose the transportation is canceled by written means with less than 48 hours’ notice or is not canceled at all and a carrier visits the collection. In that case, car movers will add an unnecessary cost to the cancellation price.

The carrier has the right to charge you the full amount of the transportation costs if you decide to cancel for any reason after the vehicle has been picked up and a spot on the truck has been reserved for it. This is because they won’t be able to rebook that space.

  1. Vehicle cargo

Only luggage spaces and storage areas with locks are permitted in the vehicle. You can place no internal cargo on seats, in front of the vehicle’s windows, mirrors, or when it’s in motion.

Keep in mind that not all hauling companies or transportation businesses accept personal items. If not properly specified at the time of booking, it could lead to an unwanted journey, storage, or delays to your delivery.

Every detail is made obvious to customers by car carriers for vehicle transport. You can obtain a rapid car shipment estimate from them without any hesitation.

  1. Always obtain all the information required.

If you have any complaints or queries regarding the transport terms or conditions, kindly contact the auto moving company via their contact page or email. Before shipping your car, always have complete information about the service.

You can contact P&S Logistics to get Car Shipping Quotes. It is the best car transport Australia. Hopefully, you can transport your car more efficiently with these car shipping tips.

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