What Is Pouyan Method – How It Helps You In Getting Better

Battling depression is difficult, especially when you don’t know how to overcome it. Doing things that might be helpful in this matter is valuable. But is it enough to do that? The reason and level of depression, anxiety and addiction vary from person to person.

Sometimes, people easily overcome it by changing their company, spending time with friends and family, and taking a little medication. But in chronic depression, they are forced to take massive amounts of medicine.

These medicines, in response, help them in recovery but simultaneously may arise other health issues. That’s why many people encounter another type of anxiety after recovery. Some get addicted to medication also.

Pouyan Method

Here the Pouyan method came to help you. Holistic mental health treatment center uses this method to treat their depressed and addicted patients. This natural way of treatment has no side effects, even though it has unlimited benefits.

By way of illustration, it heals the damage done to the brain by drugs such as heroin, Xanax, opiates, and benzos, kickstarts the production of serotonin, and does all of this by administering NAD via intravenous infusions. By using stem cell therapy, they make your body heal naturally.

Moreover, their plant-based medicine is a huge plus point of this rehabilitation center. Their main aim is to detoxify the body of patients, thus making them healthy so they can overcome their depression and addiction.

Another great thing is the food. Everyone knows that junk food is not healthy and even causes many problems; for that reason, the Holistic Sanctuary prohibited it. Instead of this, they offer a purely organic and plant-based diet. This non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free diet makes you healthy and also positively affects your mind. You can also get organic juices and shakes.

In addition, the daily colonic green coffee enemas detoxify your body and clean it from all the toxicity of drugs. Furthermore, for physical fitness and health, they make all patients do reiki and yoga, and the message therapies are the most relaxation and stress relieving session while Pouyan treatment.

The carbon sauna soothes your muscles and relaxes your body and mind. It helps in relieving your pain. Moreover, oxygen therapy during hyperbaric chamber sessions is an out-of-the-box facility.

Remember, you can get this facility only at Holistic Sanctuary because they are the only one that owns hyperbaric machines. Overall, the Holistic sanctuary Pouyan method is the best to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and all mental health issues irrespective of age.

How to get Pouyan treatment

Holistic Sanctuary is the only treatment center which uses Johnny Tabaie’s Pouyan method to treat depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. So, if you choose this method as treatment, you must go to the holistic Sanctuary.

This rehabilitation center offers excellent treatments, and the facilities are also outstanding. It is located in the most beautiful place in California, making you feel close to nature. If you want to contact them, you can call them or send an email, and for that, you can get their phone number and email from their official website.


The Pouyan method is best for all people going through the worst feelings of their lives; mental illness. I hope you understand better that your and your loved ones’ condition demands a healthy treatment that rejuvenates your mind, body and soul and brings you back to a normal and healthy life. So, don’t waste your time and give it a try.

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