5 Essential Factors To Consider When You Sell Your House

There are many reasons why a house sits on the market for so long without selling. There are some things you can control, and others you cannot. This list will focus on five very important factors that a home seller can control to ensure a fast sale and the highest possible price.

  1. If The Price Is Right, Every Home Will Sell

This category should be at the top of the list. It is the most important when it comes to selling a house. If a house is priced appropriately, it will be “sellable”. These are the three most important reasons homeowners choose to price a property.

  • They don’t know the true market value of their home. A seller might have overvalued the improvements to their property, but they still price their home as though it has. Upgrades that you prefer will not be paid top dollar by buyers.
  • The market data has been misinterpreted by a seller. Too often, we have seen sellers price their homes based on the “neighborhood averages” rather than looking at true comps. Only consider homes that have been sold in the area.
  • You are charging too much to allow for negotiation. It is common to believe that your home should be priced higher than what you expect to sell. This will allow you to negotiate a lower price.
  1. Availability: Show Your Home When Need!

Did you ever turn down a showing? You have probably never heard from the buyer again if you’ve turned down a showing. It can be hard to make your home ready for buyers. Buyers are fickle and often have limited time so if they turn you down, it is likely that they will move on to another property in the area. This is temporary. The sacrifices that you make now will pay off in the future.

  1. Marketing: Join Your Local MLS!

A buyer must not only be able to find your listing but also be drawn to it. Buyers are now searching on many different websites to find properties…….. Are you listed on all of them? To ensure that you reach the most potential buyers, home sellers should be listed on the MLS and other real estate websites. By this I can sell my house fast in St Louis. Your home must also be attractive to buyers in seconds to attract them.

  1. Show Ready: Have You Cleaned?

Home buyers will choose to live in a house that has fewer amenities than the one they are familiar with. This is because it feels more luxurious. What makes a buyer want a home of lower quality? The home was loaded with upgrades but it was dark, dingy, and cluttered. It also had pet odors. The buyer was not impressed by the hardwoods or the kitchen upgrade. They couldn’t leave their home fast enough. Keep your home as beautiful as you can and make sure it stays that way until you sell it.

  1. The Little Things: If Priced Correctly, Every Home Will Sell

This one is closely related to number 4. Take a look around your home and list all the things that could turn away a potential buyer. Broken hardware, dingy paint, and cracked light fixtures could all be reasons for a buyer to leave your house. You may have become so used to seeing these things that you don’t even notice them anymore. Trust me, buyers and agents will be critical of you. It is dangerous to assume that a buyer won’t care about one or two things. First-time homebuyers don’t fully understand the costs and challenges of homeownership you don’t want to live in a house that reminds you of this. If these are “deal-breaker” items, a home that has been remodeled and fixed up will yield a higher return than any price drop or concessions.

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