Benefits of giving Sadaqah


Sadaqah is an act of kindness every Muslim should practice. Whoever gives Sadaqah regularly is among the most rewarded Muslims by Allah. Sadaqah can be given to anyone, but the reward will depend on whom it has been given to. Hence, it should be given to the least fortunate.

What is Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is an act of donation which is open to choice and is performed only to please Allah without anticipating anything in return. Often Sadaqah is mixed with Sadaqah Jariyah, which is also an act of kindness which is performed to please Allah. However, it is a long-term charity for which a Muslim is rewarded even after his death.

Sadaqah is taken from the word sidq. It means sincerity. Sadaqah means righteousness in Arabic. In short, it is a righteous behavior that portrays sincerity of faith. 

The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) was very generous. He would give his money, belongings and food to the poor and would often leave himself hungry. His character was impeccable. Anyone who follows his exemplary behavior would get immense rewards.

Benefits of giving Sadaqah

There is immense importance of Sadaqah mentioned in the hadith and the Holy Quran. Allah has promised to give great rewards to Muslims who give Sadaqah. As a Muslim, you should develop a habit of giving Sadaqah regularly. Here are some reasons how it could help you:

  • It cures illnesses and guards against death.

Giving Sadaqah regularly helps cure illnesses and averts painful death. It is mentioned by the Holy Prophet that when a loved one falls sick, we should give Sadaqah to help them.

  • It eliminates calamities and eases hardships.

This life is a test of our loyalty and faith towards Allah, which is why we have to go through hardships. If we give Sadaqah in difficult times, it would show gratitude and strong faith towards Allah. 

However, only Allah’s mercy can change a situation but giving Sadaqah would draw us closer to Him.

  • It is an investment that you are making in this life and the hereafter.

Allah promises to increase the sustenance, and wealth and bring success in the life and hereafter of someone who gives sadaqah regularly. 

  • It extinguishes our sins.

We all will be accountable for our sins, whether they are major or minor. When you will give Sadaqah regularly, your sins would be expiated whether you have done them knowingly or unknowingly.

  • It opens the doors of Jannah.

Whoever gives Sadaqah regularly to please Allah, their orphans, parents, widows, needy and the sick would be permitted to enter through one of the 8 doors of Jannah through Baab As- Sadaqah.

  • It will offer a shade on the Day of Judgment.

The burning sun would be right above our heads on the Day Of Judgment. We would all want to sit under Allah’s shade. However, only the one who has given Sadaqah without letting anyone know would be offered the shade.

  • It cleanses the Nafs.

When we spend our wealth on helping the needy through charity, i.e Sadaqah, our worldly desires are extinguished and we get the rewards for the hereafter. It purifies and cleanses our Nafs and makes us righteous.

  • It helps in getting our duas granted.

We all want our duas to be granted. A Muslim can do this by his good deeds and by giving Sadaqah. Once you make a habit of giving Sadaqah daily, you will notice that your duas are being granted by Allah, if He wills.

  • It benefits the society and creates balance.

Sadaqah is a beautiful act that helps create a balance in the society. It benefits the vulnerable, widows, orphans, needy and sick by giving them equality in the society.


Sadaqah is a righteous act of charity that not only benefits the one who gives it but also the whole society. It creates balance and helps the less fortunate. Allah is pleased by those who give Sadaqah solely to please Him. A believer and a Muslim should make a habit of giving Sadaqah regularly.

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