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Video Production Services

Social media is a tool that offers both individuals and businesses a platform to engage, interact, and connect with other members of society. As a business, you are in a position to reach and engage with your audience at a level greater than other traditional marketing channels. One of the ways to capture your online clientele is through video content. 

Before you can begin shooting video content for social media, however, it is important to have an understanding of the tools to use. Social media is unlike conventional marketing platforms such as television and radio.  As such, choosing the right tools gives you an edge and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Choosing Video Production Tools: 3 Important Must-Haves

Given the plethora of equipment involved in video production, you may be at a loss when it comes to purchasing the right one. Fortunately, great content can be made by arming yourself with three simple things: a camera, lights, and a microphone

  • Cameras

Arguably, a camera is the most precious tool in your arsenal when it comes to content creation. For social media production, you need not break the bank with cameras as that of your smartphone will suffice. However, ensure that your device is capable of shooting content in high definition.

  • Lights

“Lights, camera, action!” There is a reason why lights come before everything else in that sequence. Good lighting is what separates amateurs from professionals. Therefore, investing in a proper lighting kit will propel your content to greater heights when producing for social media.

  • Microphone

Nothing is more painful than watching a good video but struggling to hear the message or story being told. Pristine audio for social media is king especially when shooting content outdoors. 

So what do you stand to gain as a business producing video content for social media? Here are 5 benefits that will convince your marketing team to get on the job immediately.

Benefits of Social Media Video Production

  1. Build Brand Trust

Businesses that regularly produce and post videos on social media continuously engage and create memorable experiences for their customers. In addition, they can build brand loyalty and trust by showing behind-the-scenes videos, introducing members of staff, and showing how-to videos.

  1. Blow Your Competition

There is a common saying that goes “If your business is not online, you are not in business”. This remains true especially when it comes to dealing with your competition. By posting creative and engaging video content on social media, your brand is in a position to stand out to your customers whilst sidelining your competitors.

  1. Better Audience Engagement

If you do your research, you will find out that users are more likely to engage and share video content as opposed to traditional social media posts. Specifically, live videos enable brands to engage with their audience actively and receive immediate feedback on their products and services.

  1. Videos are Cost Effective

Despite video production being considered an expensive venture, you need not break the bank to reach your audience. With the help of smartphones, brands can strategize, plan, and shoot engaging content that can be repurposed to other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Let TM Creates Take Your Business to the Next Level 

Social media’s impact on your business is real and measurable. By incorporating creative and fun video content, you are guaranteed to be above the rest. But not without quality videos. 

At TM Creates, our video production team is available to customize video solutions that meet your social media marketing objectives. We have interesting, unique, informative video ideas and are equipped with the right tools to shoot them.

Contact us today for quality and affordable services throughout Sydney!

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