Why video-based recruitment is the latest buzz in Human Resource Management

The world of recruitment has always been about making the process as efficient as possible. What’s the point of spending hours on a candidate profile when you could spend that time finding more candidates or interviewing? But with video-based recruitment, there are many benefits to consider.

Using video for recruitment is a more accessible and effective method of HRM. This blog takes account of some of the critical aspects of why this could be the next big thing in the process of hiring:

Helps Understand Candidate’s Personality

One of the main advantages of video-based recruitment is that it allows you to see everything about your candidate. This includes their body language, face, voice and even how they dress. 

You can also see how they speak or what gestures they make while talking. This helps you understand the candidate better than any other medium could ever do.

You will also see if a potential employee has good communication skills and how well they interact with others. 

Enhances Candidate Experience

Candidates are likely to enjoy seeing themselves in action, and it’s not difficult to imagine how a candidate’s experience can be enhanced by video-based recruitment. One of the main reasons that videos are so effective is that they allow you to see the candidate outside of what they put down on paper. This is why using video for recruitment is also a preferred mode by the candidates. 

Helps Filter Candidates

Video-based recruitment is a great way to filter candidates because it allows you to see how they present themselves. Are they confident? Do they come across as helpful and personable? Does their voice sound like one that would fit well with your company’s culture?

Video-based recruitment also saves time and money 

You can quickly review candidates’ applications rather than sifting through hundreds of written résumés or cover letters. You also won’t feel pressured into making a rash decision based on only what you read; instead, you can take your time reviewing the video clips before making an offer or rejecting someone from consideration.

Video-based interviews are not only time-saving but also cost-effective. Setting up a video interview is easy, making it convenient for both candidates and recruiters. Recruiters don’t have to drive around the city looking for candidates who might be too busy to meet them in person; instead, they can send an invitation via email or text message. 

This is why around 72% of Australian recruiters are now looking to adopt video-based hiring solutions. 

The candidate can then access the link provided and record their answers at their leisure—whether early in the morning before heading off to work or late at night after a long day home with family. If necessary, they can record another response immediately, so nothing gets lost in translation!

Conducting interviews using this method is also less stressful than traditional face-to-face meetings. And ultimately, reviewing recordings saves time since there isn’t any waiting around for someone else’s schedule (and possibly missing out on other valuable opportunities).

Video-based recruitment is the latest buzz in Human Resource Management. It helps understand the candidate’s personality, enhances candidate experience and saves time and money.

Several service providers can take care of the video-based recruitment needs, which the HR team can contact by searching online.

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