Personalised Puzzles a Great Gift for Grandparents

We all love our grandparents, but loving people also means that we take that extra effort to make things special for them. Now, at the age that they are, they’re probably not super excited about most things in life. However, we need to constantly bring that excitement back into their lives, and sometimes the answer is in the details. What we’re hinting at is a gift so personal that even your grandparents’ would be excited!

Oftentimes we think expensive and extra luxurious is the answer but ask your grandparents. Often all that they’re really looking for from you is time and love. Nothing says that more than personalised gifts

A Personalised gift is something you tailor-made for someone you love. It has memories that only you share with them, and no one else would understand. It is not a generic gift, it is something that you actually put a lot of thought into, and even your grandparents would not be able to find a single flaw in it.

Oftentimes in life, we feel that we have to go out of our budget and beyond our comfort zone to make someone happy but just imagine using all the moments you have with them and putting it all in a frame. Why would they not be surprised? 

And you don’t have to settle for just a photo frame! Spice it up! 

Make it a personalised gift of a puzzle. 

Here’s why puzzles are great personalised gifts for grandparents:

  1. Thoughtful: Don’t just give your grandparents a key chain or a car or things that they too could buy from their own funds. Give them something they haven’t even thought of and show that you clearly have put a lot of thought into it.

  2. Light-hearted: Solving puzzles can be a great pass time, and it is something that will definitely keep them chuckling or at least have them thinking about the good times that they have had. It is this humor that can sometimes be lacking in the post-retirement phase, so when you give your grandparent’s personalised gifts like a photo puzzle, you are actively giving them something to enjoy consistently.

  3. Good for your brains: This one is a no-brainer, but it is a huge brainer. Research shows that solving puzzles can actively stimulate your brain cells and also that with age, brain functions take a hit for elderlies. Doctors encourage them to do math and mentally stimulating quizzes for this very reason, but that can be dull. So, when you’re giving your grandparents a puzzle, you’re also giving them a moderate workout to keep them in their best mental shape. This is particularly helpful if they suffer from Alzheimer’s or such neurological disorders.

  4. Unique: If you are a gifter, if you are a giver who loves to exceed their own benchmarks, then this one is just for you. We love gifters because they always put the other person’s needs before them, and if you always want your gift to be unique and purposeful, then a personalised gift like a jigsaw puzzle with the beautiful photographs of you with your grandparents is just it. I mean, let’s be honest, what’s going to top that? Ask your grandparents. They would love to receive that. It’s old-timey and yet modern.

  5. Can be played over and over again: The good thing about this gift is that, unlike photo frames, this one does not go stale. Anytime you’re bored, or anytime you’re thinking about that particular person, you can always take out that puzzle and start playing it all over again. Now that’s a very useful gift, especially for people who have retired or not actively working, AKA your grandparents, and need constant stimulation.


  1. Gives you more time to bond: In fact, why just have them solve these puzzles on their own? Why not join them in the process and, as you do it, spend an hour or two or three and have nice conversations, good food, good drinks, and bond with them. While you solve this puzzle and make a memory out of it, maybe someday you’ll do a puzzle out of that memory. 


In conclusion you grandparents will love it so give a unique Smoochy Poochy puzzle today!

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