Tips for solving impossible Jigsaw puzzles

It is always a good idea to indulge in some healthy activity in your free time, and it is even better if the said activity is good for your mental health. Obviously, jigsaw puzzles fit the role.

Many people enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles during their time off, but, little do they know, they are also doing their bodies and brains a favour. They prove to be a great alternative to the hours you spend staring at computer screens, televisions, and mobile screens as a pastime. However, they are challenging at the time, especially for beginners. 

There is no doubt that solving a jigsaw puzzle can be tedious and frustrating at times. The complexities of the game can make it seem impossible to solve and tempt you to give up and go for the nearest device to play with instead. However, there are a few tips that might help you solve even the most difficult puzzles with ease and make them entertaining as well. For a fun and engaging jigsaw Australia experience, bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Choose a puzzle 

It is important to choose a jigsaw puzzle that fits your skill level. If you are a beginner, getting 3000-piece jigsaws can be overwhelming. Although it’s good to challenge your mind, it is also imperative to train yourself prior to that and comfortably reach a level of taking on bigger challenges. Do not just make it jump. This can also be a great patience lesson. You can choose puzzles of all shapes and sizes from the Australian Jigsaw Puzzles collection we have. 

Choose a decent setup. 

You will need a flat area large enough to accommodate your custom jigsaw puzzle, as well as extra pieces lying around to arrange and add as you go. Each piece should be at your eye level and at a distance that you can easily reach out for them. 

Observe the pattern design on the box

It is important to pay attention to even the smallest details in the puzzle design. While this exercise is often overlooked, keeping this in mind can help you arrange the pieces more precisely. Observing the details will create an image in your mind and will help you pick up the pieces accordingly. 

Start with border pieces. 

Since one or more edges of the border pieces are plain, it is easy to locate and assemble them on the surface. Once placed properly, it creates an outer form of the puzzle design, and it gives you a large area to build upon. 

Focus on one section at a time 

Do not try to assemble more than one pattern at a time. It is important to keep your focus on one section at a time. Move to the next one only when you’re done with the first.  

Sort by image 

Notice the pieces with a similar pattern design on them and separate them from the rest. For example, if your puzzle design has a bush of wildflowers, place all the pieces that look like they have a bush or wildflowers’ design on them. Once the similarly designed pieces are separated, assemble them according to the image. 

Sort by colour 

Notice the different shades of colour in your pattern design and separate the similar coloured pieces from the rest. If your pattern design has a sky and a tree, separate the blue from the green. This will help you organise your puzzle and assemble the pieces accurately. 

Sort by continuing patterns 

Look for pieces with continuing patterns. For example, if your design has a fence line, look closely for pieces that have a fence line on them and assemble them in order. 

Sort by joiner shapes

Look for pieces with joining knobs and holes, which, by the way, are also called prongs and slots. Joining pieces according to their shapes might also help. However, this is often helpful when you’re getting closer to the final picture, and there are a few pieces left to be placed. 

Remember, as interesting as this game is. It is also an activity to exercise your mind. Do not be hard on yourself if you’re not getting it on the first try. Practice and focus are the keys. Good luck and enjoy the journey!!

Online Jigsaw Sites

One benefit to online puzzles is the limitless possibilities to choose from. Online jigsaw puzzle sites feature thousands of high-defintion puzzles ranging from nature, structures, art, to even user-uploaded jigsaws. These sites allow you to test your skills as it offers difficulty modes ranging from easy, to supreme. Additionally, a timer is present, allowing you to see your progress in real-time.


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