What are the Benefits of Using a Commercial Dishwasher?

Nothing makes you come down from a day at your restaurant or bakery than remembering you have to do the dishes. Washing your dishes after serving your customers seems like a tedious task, and you might feel lazy, but it is important to clean them to prevent any bacterial infection. However, while you can wash dishes manually, it is not always convenient, especially when you are in a time crunch or run a food establishment such as a restaurant, hotel, or bakery. In this case, using a dishwasher is a better option.

Dishwashers also vary according to the setting. You can use regular dishwashers at home, but bigger establishments require a commercial dishwasher to save time and money and wash dishes on a larger scale. If you run a company, be it a start-up or a restaurant chain, a Hobart dishwasher is the perfect commercial appliance for your business.

Commercial dishwashers come mainly come in three types:

  • Glasswashers: A glasswasher dishwasher can wash approximately 20,000 glasses in an hour. However, it only washes glassware and stem-length glasses.
  • Underbench: Regular underbench dishwashers can wash one rack at a time. However, commercial under-bench dishwashers can clean up to 35 racks every hour.
  • Passthrough: These dishwashers are large and quick. Commonly used in restaurants or hotels, they wash many dishes quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers have various benefits that make the washing process quicker and more convenient:

  • They are Efficient

In a large setting, such as a food outlet, you have to wash a large number of dishes, big and small, quickly. With commercial dishwashers, you can clean the dishes in a lesser time compared to standard dishwashers. The washing cycles are short, quick, and more thorough, ensuring your dishes wash quickly and giving you enough time to dry them in time for serving.

Since commercial dishwashers get the work done fast, they also increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. You do not have to worry about leftover food items or stains on the dishes, as these dishwashers make sure to clean the utensils spotless.

  • They are Durable

Commercial dishwashers are made of high-quality materials that give them durability. You do not have to keep purchasing new appliances, as the dishwasher will be sturdy, have longevity, and stay resistant to damage.

  • They are Cost-Efficient

The financial benefits of a commercial appliance are two-fold:

Firstly, these appliances cut down your labour cost. A large establishment requires a large staff to run everything smoothly. Without a proper machine, you will need extra staff to clean and dry the dishes manually. However, a dishwasher saves you the time, money and energy of hiring more people, as it will wash the dishes thoroughly and dry them for you. You can use the money you would have used on additional staff in other aspects and departments of your business.

Secondly, a Hobart dishwasher consumes less energy. Since it uses less power and electricity, it cuts down your electricity bill, saving you money.

  • Prevent Bacterial Infections

There are chances of leaving bits and particles of food if you do the dishes manually, which increases the chances of bacterial contamination. Commercial dishwashers clean every corner of the dishes properly, ensuring your kitchen and food establishment remain hygienic and customers stay healthy.

Final Thoughts

A Hobart dishwasher is an excellent choice if you do not have the time or resources to wash dishes manually, especially if you work in the food industry. It is cost-efficient, quick, and ensures hygiene in your workplace.


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