Children are the future of a society; there is no doubt about it. So, a nation must take care of its children first if they want to be prosperous. But, it often happens that children grow up in poor and miserable conditions. In America, not all children are given the same opportunity to achieve success. Hundred years of Institutionalized racism have forced black people to be segregated from the rest of the population. A black kid often finds it difficult to achieve success in life because of the color of his skin. They usually grow up in poor neighborhoods and encounter violence from an early age. However, all is not lost. People like you and I can still help these kids come out of the shadow of darkness and lead healthy lives. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips to help children in need.

The Right To Education: They say knowledge is power. So, every kid should learn to read and write. Unless and until one is educated, they will not be able to navigate life in a proper manner. One will not get a respectable job that will help them eradicate poverty. If the children are left uneducated, they are likely to grow up to be criminals and petty thieves. You can donate money to organizations that help provide education for the poor and needy. Or you may also volunteer time to teach the underprivileged kids. You need to be extra sensitive when you teach these kids coming from a different background than yours.

The Right To Food: One might find it hard to believe that millions of children die worldwide due to hunger. Billionaires like Elon Musk are thinking about making a colony on Mars. But, the children of earth are dying due to starvation. Tons of cooked food and fruits are wasted every single day in America. Fresh foods that could feed the hungry are dumped in the garbage without care. Therefore, make it your mission to provide food to the helpless and needy children. These underprivileged children cannot pay attention to their studies without a proper diet. Here are a few ways you can help children get better nutrients.

  • Look for local and national organizations that work to feed the children. If these organizations require volunteers, you may offer your time. One may get in touch with Contra Costa Food Bank and learn how they function. You may also help them with money, as most NGOs run with the help of the common folk.
  • When you see homeless youth in your area, you can buy them food instead of giving them money. They need nutritious food in order to protect themselves from the harsh conditions they live in. You can cook food in large quantities, pack them and distribute it among the poor; it is the Christian thing to do.
  • You may also write to local counselors and elected government officials, encouraging them to deal with the problem of homelessness. Request them to pay more attention to the meals they serve in government schools. These little efforts by all will accumulate into something greater.
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