Moving to assisted living can be a tough thing to do as it may mean being separated from your friends and families, and setting out for an experience that you have no idea of what it will look like. Little do most of the people moving to assisted know that it may turn out to be the beginning of a new experience full of fun, adventures, and new opportunities.

We will take a look at what assisted living means and the benefits that come along with it per the American Society on Aging.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a community where elderly ones are provided with the help they need to carry out their daily activities. The interesting thing about what assisted living is that they are consistently evolving and improving to serve seniors better. They offer services that cover memory care, assistance with daily living activities, and independent living.

Assisted living facilities offer seniors housekeeping services, laundry, cooking, and managing their daily activities including mobility, bathing, dressing, grooming, continence, and eating among others.

How to Know if It is Time for Assisted Living

  • The feeling of Loneliness or Isolation

When it is becoming a common occurrence that your senior prefers to be alone, then you need to talk to them to know what is happening. If it persists, then you have to find a way to help them as loneliness can lead to other health issues such as heart diseases, dementia, and abuse of prescription medication. Do not let it get to this stage before you make a move.

  • Frailty and Worsening health Condition

With age, the body’s immune system weakens and the bones are not as strong as they used to be. Any form of chronic health issue in old age shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is better they are moved to a care community where they can have professionals to attend to their care needs.

  • Financial Misappropriation

With age a lot of things don’t matter to most seniors, they leave mail and bills unattended to and in the process incur debts. Aside from piling up debts, they are susceptible to scammers both online and offline. Hence, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to discuss getting assistance with them.

  • Hoarding

Hoarding items that are no longer needed and may constitute some form of hazard in the home is another thing you should look out for. Seniors tend to keep more than they need and as a result pile up scrap items. This is a sign that something needs to be done.

  • Poor Hygiene

One’s general health and well-being have a level of dependence on the individual’s hygiene. When seniors no longer take their hygiene seriously, it might be time to get them help. Some elderly begin to get scared of taking their bath and most of the falls occur in the bathroom. When their rooms become littered, nails dirty, hair messy, and body odor sets in, it is a sign that you should start considering assisted living.

Advantages of Assisted Living

  • Eliminates Social Isolation: taking your seniors to assisted moving allows them to interact with fellow residents and staff of the facility daily. They make new friends and this can be beneficial to their health and wellbeing.
  • Round-the-Clock Compassionate and Professional Care: They have the chance of getting help with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, hygiene, and medication assistance.
  • Fun and Independence: Being in an assisted living facility can be fun as there are a lot of recreational and sporting activities that they will get to enjoy with other residents. This is well they can also learn to be independent to a large extent.

Other benefits that come with assisted living is that they have enough free time, they enjoy delicious and healthy meals, they wouldn’t have a mobility issue and their peace of mind is guaranteed.

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