10 simple tips on how to write a thesis yourself

Advice on how to write a good thesis is inferior in quantity, perhaps, to mediocre student papers on the Internet. The reference, creative and innovative theses are remembered. This is an attainable goal in any discipline.

You should take some time (for example, 30 minutes every day for 10-14 days). show a little perseverance, scrupulousness, as well as their knowledge, which have been obtained throughout the entire period of study at the university.

It is difficult to guarantee successful protection by multiple rewriting of the same sources. How to impress the teacher and declare your own prospects? We present ideas and recommendations that should be considered when writing a thesis.

  1. The sooner the better

Don’t put off writing your thesis for the last week. Students are able to meet any urgent deadline. But a thesis project still takes a little more time than a term paper. Why? Thesis is a kind of report on your studies over 5 years. It won’t be possible to cover everything in a week. The more time, the more deeply the material will be studied and comprehended, and, consequently, the chances of writing an interesting work will significantly increase.

If you download a low-quality work from the Internet and bring it to the teacher. It seems like there is work, but at the same time there are “0” emotions.

Take only 30 minutes a day and in 10-14 days you will have an excellent thesis

  1. Emphasis on relevance

The research topic and content should correspond to the realities and needs of today. You don’t want to hear at your defense that the thesis is not interesting, too simple, unoriginal. Or that your work is outdated and does not make any sense today.

  1. Maximum sources of information

Collect information from everywhere: forums, social networks, reviews, programs, advice from friends and acquaintances who have been there.

Information is needed to write a thesis. The more literature you can find, the more complete data about the object of research you will have. And the easier it will be to write a thesis. Everyone’s favorite Google can be used as a source of information. Type keywords related to your topic into the search bar and select high-quality sources – scientific articles, monographs and modern textbooks.

  1. Plan and Schedule-Plan

The working version of the plan will help to organize the work and draw up a schedule for writing. Write down extended items and set estimated deadlines. This approach saves time and simplifies the work with information. Remember, it is important that the plan is approved by the manager. You can read how to draw up a plan for your thesis in our article on this issue.

Only a professional who deals with these on an ongoing basis and receives money for it can quickly write a thesis

  1. The structure of the thesis

There are requirements and recommendations for content, design, structural elements. They cannot be ignored. It specifies that the volume of work is 75-90 printed pages. The introduction and conclusion should be 3-4 pages long. There are 3 sections with subtotals as standard. A mandatory item is a bibliographic list.

  1. Reinforcement of theory with practice

The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate knowledge and the ability to project it in a practical way. Even the most verified, but “dry” theory will not be appreciated without a competent practical part. Make calculations, conduct experiments, generate reports, analyze, give examples and do not forget to support the material with applications in the form of diagrams, tables, diagrams, graphs.

  1. Conservation

When writing your work, be sure to save copies to a USB flash drive, Google Disk and other storage media. Backups have saved a lot of time and effort. Agree, this is justified caution, which will guarantee protection against force majeure and unpleasant accidents.

  1. Uniqueization

The unconditional requirement that the thesis must meet is uniqueness. It is necessary and important for the student to check the originality of the text using several key resources with a different verification algorithm. A thesis is your own ideas, research and conclusions. This is how the manager views work.

  1. Inspection and preparation

Before defending, make sure that all the design conditions are met, there is an annotation, an explanatory note, all attachments. It is important to work out the defense speech, draw up thesis sketches, and rehearse. Remember, the day before the defense should be devoted to quiet rest and sleep. After all, even the best material should be presented effectively and competently. Fatigue does not contribute to this.

  1. Help

In some cases, a student can and should use an alternative and order at essay writing service from specialists. If the outcome of training and further career is at stake, unnecessary risks are not needed. The ability to shift part of the work and responsibility on time is a useful quality. The Nauka Service company carries out turnkey thesis works to order. We know how to write a good thesis for a successful defense.

% of the uniqueness of the text can always be increased with the help of rewriting – paraphrasing already written


So, in order to write a good thesis, very little is needed: time (only from 30 minutes once a day), good information that you can find on the Internet, a well-thought-out plan, guidelines for writing a thesis, understanding the relevance of your topic for today, good relationship with the teacher, good report and presentation for defense.

There are not many conditions worth fulfilling and your work will be noticeably different from the work of fellow students, have practical value and claim a good grade.

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