How Do Solar Energy And Solar Panels Work?

Solar energy is the future, solar energy is reliable, solar energy is renewable and much more. I am sure you are familiar with such wordings about solar energy but most people don’t know how solar energy works.

Here in this article, I am going to write about all you need to know about solar energy and solar panels in simple words.

What is Solar Energy?

In simple and precise words, solar energy or sunlight is convert by solar technologies like solar panels into electrical energy. These solars are known as photovoltaic (PV) panels. Now the convert energy can be store in batteries or thermal storage.

Thermal technology is when heat or sun rays from the sun are used to make hot water or steam.

Solar panels can be divide into two main types according to their function:

Photovoltaic (PV) panels– this is the main area where electricity is produce.

Solar thermal panels– its only purpose is to heat the water.


Solar Photovoltaic Panels In Detail

Photovoltaics directly converts sun heat into electricity. These are the solar panels that help in converting sunlight into electricity. The question arises in the mind what is there in the panels that do all the magic? In the solar, there is solar cell made of semiconductor ( material consist of metal etc responsible for conductivity between a conductor, such as silicon or metal which absorb and convert sunlight into electricity.

These are the solar cell that are connect electrically pack together in one frame, which is called a solar panel. Multiple of solar are know as a solar arrays. Moreover, connecting cables, inverters and brackets form the entire solar panel system.

Conductor is attach to -ive and +ive and they form an electrical circuit.

Electron is capture from there in the form of an electric current.  Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity by converting this current, together with the cell’s voltage (a result of its built-in electric fields), into power (or wattage).

Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System

In this article, our focus is on stand-alone solar panel systems instead of the grid-connected solar system. A stand-alone solar system is for a single house or office or other residential and commercial areas.

PV systems that are standalone are not connect to the grid, but charge a solar battery system over the course of the day. This battery system stores the electricity generate by the panels. You will use the stored electricity from these batteries to power your appliances. Solar batteries, which are still quite costly, make stand-alone systems more expensive than grid-connect ones. Stand-alone systems are install in areas that cannot be connect to a grid.

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Batteries can store electricity generate by solar panels and allow you to use it at night when your panels are not producing electricity. No matter if you connect to the grid or not, you can use solar batteries.

Solar Thermal Collectors

With solar thermal panels, the sun heats water in a cylinder and you can use it to warm your home. Roof-mount solar thermal panels are similar to solar PV panels, but have a different design, as they have pipes instead of cells that heat up water. Thermodynamic panels extract heat from the surrounding air.

Thermodynamic and solar thermal panels can be use for space heating, but they are most commonly use to heat domestic water for households.

Are Solar Panels Efficient in Australia?

Yes, solar panels in Australia are indeed extremely efficient. Even though solar panels are more efficient on sunny days, they do not require direct sunlight to function. Warm weather can cause the panels to overheat. So, most of the year in Australia, the weather is ideal for solar panels.

An average commercial solar module has an efficiency of 15 to 20%.The PV industry faces many challenges, including finding ways to improve module efficiency while reducing the cost per cell.

Solar panel efficiency is affect by a variety of factors, including angling, seasonality, and the type of solar panel. During the winter, solar panels are commonly believe not to work. But the reality is far beyond that, and solar panels can be effective even in the winter if you prepare and maintain them properly.

I hope you enjoyed what the title is that is all you need to know about solar energy and solar panels.






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