Reasons to Get a Graphic Design Degree

Whether you need a degree in graphic design courses London is a much-discussed topic in the industry. Although there are many pros and cons to each situation, there are many compelling reasons to obtain a degree. When you obtain a degree, you gain the upper hand over your classmates and colleagues when you apply. According to the Department of Labor, graphic design is expected to grow by 10% by 2016. If you obtain a degree, you will start in the right direction, and students are likely to be hired.

It is an important turning point in your career as a graphic designer to get your first job in graphic design. Most of us had a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. It can be hard to believe that you can appeal to a graphic design that is compelling and satisfying. It is important to find your first job in graphic design, not only because it is your first ‘real’ job but also because it is a good continuation of the learning process that begins even after you graduate. Searching for that ‘big break’ may not be as difficult as you might think.


Even before you start looking for a position, you will want to do some psychological research. Questions you need to ask yourself are what motivates you, in what kind of environment you want to work, in what type of work you want to do, and so on. These are important questions; although you may want to worry more about the learning opportunity that your first junior graphic designer offers, you want to make sure that you will be happy and productive in your work. Write all the answers to the following questions on a piece of paper to clarify your goals:

Build your portfolio

Going to school offers you a creative work environment that promotes learning and development. Your portfolio should show your creative ability and personal style. Being originally in your portfolio can help you a lot when applying for jobs after graduation, and this is very important when meeting with potential freelance clients or graphic design agencies. When you attend school, you offer the time frame to make you work to where you feel comfortable with your skills and your portfolio.

Give you the basics

Graphic design is the field that requires you to know the basics before you start. It is important for students to build a foundation, just like building blocks, so that you can progress more easily later in your career. The basics include typography, color theory, balance, spacing, layout, and more. These are all skills that you, as a graphic designer, need to understand well before moving on. Training gives you a thorough understanding of theories on graphic design, technical skills, and practical skills that you need.

Allow your time to network

Networking is an important aspect of the industry. All the designers and agencies are always looking for talent through social media channels. Spending time networking via Twitter, Facebook, and even Dribbble can pay dividends for your future. Engaging conversation on Twitter is important – it introduces you to new designers who have jobs they can give you, or you can strike up a conversation with a graphic designer in your area! Either way, you could possibly get an opportunity you would not have had before.

Give yourself a chance to participate in internships

Many schools offer students the opportunity to participate in design internships. Experience as a student in graphic design is something that will set you apart from your fellow classmates, so it is important to make the most of these opportunities. Participating in an internship at an agency provides hands-on experience, actual projects that you can include in your portfolio, and a thorough investigation of how the industry works. It can be an exciting experience for every student!

Provides an excellent learning environment

Graphic design school is a great time to make mistakes. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn in an environment dedicated to your development and growth. Graphic design schools offer students a structured system that accommodates students with the necessary building blocks, experience, and skills to be successful. Therefore, it is a good option for students who are struggling to learn new skills or do not have the discipline to learn on their own.

Give yourself an advantage

This is a competitive field. Therefore, you can obtain a degree if you apply for junior positions at agencies. Often, clients will also consider you more reliable and skilled if you obtain a degree, simply because it shows that you have learned the necessary skills to provide them with what they need. Sometimes agencies will only contact candidates who have a degree – simply because they get so many applications. If you do not want to stand out from the crowd, you will get a degree in graphic design your foot in the door.

The benefits of a degree certainly outweigh the negatives. School of Graphic Design not only gives you the opportunity to build your portfolio but also offers an excellent learning environment, allows you to participate in internships and placements, gives you good technical skills, gives you the opportunity to network with others, and gives you the upper hand when applying for the graduation ceremony. Graphic design is a competitive industry that is growing. Be part of having a degree.

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