Explaining“Metaverse” Technology & Its Potential Among Businesses


Mark Zuckerberg recently made the most important announcement in the history of Facebook. The launch of a new company brand, Meta, probably did more to draw attention to the Metaverse than any other major brand announcement. However, many people were confused by this announcement. To put it another way, what exactly is the metaverse? In fact, a large number of businesses and individuals are adopting Metaverse-based technologies with the help of a highly experienced Metaverse development company. They help businesses to get into the Metaverse by combining various immersive technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and many more in the list. 

What is Metaverse And How Does It Work?

The term “Metaverse” is derived from Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash, published in 1992. His book depicts a virtual world in which people communicate with each other through avatars. Second Life, a company out of the entertainment industry, launched an early version of the Metaverse in 2003, but it was probably ahead of its time.

People today define the Metaverse in different ways. However, a general definition is an all-encompassing virtual world in which people live and play with avatars and virtual objects. In fact, today’s definition is very similar to Neil Stephenson’s definition of the metaverse.

Is There a Difference Between The Metaverse And Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) can be used in the Metaverse environment but is not required. People interacting with each other using digital versions of themselves are the key to the metaverse. However, virtual reality makes the metaverse more immersive.

What is The Current Popularity of The Metaverse?

In 2020, the rise of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) led to a surge in interest in the metaverse. The idea that people can pay each other in virtual currencies and use NFTs to create digital representations of objects makes the virtual world more real as a whole.

The Metaverse gained a new sense of urgency when artists began selling their work via NFTs for millions of dollars – completely digital art that no one could replicate. Big money speaks louder!

When Is The Metaverse Going To Become a Reality?

The metaverse is just taking shape. The growing popularity of the gaming platform Fortnite is a great example of this. Millions of people play Fortnite and use virtual money to buy virtual goods such as special skins for their gaming avatars. To be clear, Fortnite players are buying virtual goods with real money. However, they must first convert their funds into V-Bucks, a Fortnite currency.

As venture capitalist Matthew Ball explains in this influential essay, the Metaverse is much bigger than Fortnite. When the metaverse is fully realized, it will consist of an interconnected virtual environment in which anyone can exist comfortably through their digital twin. Facebook wants to contribute to building that interconnected world.

What Is The Role of The Metaverse in The Business World?

For brands, the metaverse opens up a whole new revenue stream. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to call it a real world of income. For example, when the avatar of hip-hop artist Travis Scott appeared on Fortnite to perform a concert in 2020, he earned millions of dollars. He made money by selling virtual goods like special Travis Scott gaming skins. However, it is not the only brand.

MLB, for example, offers NFTs of the famous ballpark. Original artwork worth thousands of dollars can be found in each NFT. Gucci and gaming platform Roblox collaborated to create a virtual Gucci Garden in 2021. Gucci used Roblox currency to sell virtual goods there. The video game, Minecraft, has partnered with companies like Disney to provide virtual content. In a recent blog post, industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang discussed many more examples of businesses using the Metaverse building blocks NFTs to generate revenue and connect with customers.

What is Facebook’s Fascination With The Metaverse?

Businesses that participate in the creation of the metaverse stand to gain a lot of money. For example, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, could profit by selling technologies that make avatar living more enjoyable and immersive. Although immersive technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality aren’t required to embrace the metaverse, Meta believes that people and businesses will want to use them. Meta already owns some technology thanks to its purchase of Oculus VR headsets.

What Should My Company Do In Regards To The Metaverse?

First and foremost, consider whether engaging with people on digital platforms such as Fortnite, Minecraft, or Roblox is a good idea. Consider how your company might want to connect with people using metaverse elements like NFTs. Consider the examples given in Jeremiah Owyang’s post. Can you see your company gaining trust and loyalty through an NFT like Taco Bell? If that’s the case, now is a good time to try something new and make Metaverse yours by approaching the best Mobile App Development Company New York. The metaverse could also lead to some fascinating new ways for brands and people to connect through content, such as:

  • Digital twins are being used to conduct virtual events.
  • Creating engaging content that people can access via NFTs.
  • Sharing thought leadership through your own avatars on a platform hosted by another company, such as a discussion of the future of virtual reality or augmented reality.

One thing you should avoid is ignoring the metaverse. It’s critical to understand what it is and assess your level of interest.

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