10 Basic tips to stop losing playing poker

Follow these ten tips to not lose at poker. Being a beginner in the world of poker is not a problem. If you are, you just have to follow these ten basic tips that we offer you in PokerListings in Spanish so that you can become an expert in poker

In the following article you will learn how to:

Play few hands at the beginning

  • position in poker
  • Count your “Outs”
  • Learn to count your odds
  • pay attention at the table
  • bankroll for poker
  • Stop bluffing uncontrollably
  • Do not speak or have “tells”
  • record your results
  • learn from the best

Play few hands at the beginning

Many of the players who start playing poker do it more for the fun of the game than to win money, so they play many more hands than they should play, something that hurts them enormously.

Starting to play fewer hands will give you a big advantage over those players who play too many hands and do so aggressively

Also, by being more demanding when it comes to entering the action,

This will mean that your post-flop decisions will be much easier and you will waste much less money by reducing the occasions in which you put money in the pot having a hand worse than yours. Rival (or rivals).

When you get more experienced you will be able to play more hands and have more creativity in post-flop play, but until your level of play has grown enough, the best thing you can do is put money in the pot only when you have a good hand. In your power

In the coming days we will add more videos that will help you not to fail in poker and that will allow you to improve your results from the beginning.

In a $1/$2 cash game, a player is dealt an unsuited A-6 in the SB. UTG+1 limps and the CO raises 2.5 x BB. Our player has an ace, but weak aces have been the Achilles heel of many poker players. Playing this hand to a raise, out of position in a possibly multiple pot is ill-advised. Our player accepts and removes the SB from him, saving himself an additional 2BB call.


If this player folds this way 10 times during a session,

he could save $40 (10 x $4). On the other hand, if the same player calls this hand 10 times in one session and loses, he would have to say goodbye to at least $50.

By folding and saving $40, our player can be more aggressive in more profitable situations. However, if the player calls out of position with a mediocre hand, it is very likely that he will lose a large part of his stack. He could be beaten by an ace with a 홀덤사이트 kicker or face an overpair (pair from the player’s hole cards higher than any pair that can be created with the community cards). In any case, not knowing when to retreat could be the downfall of him.

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