How Do You Maintain Long Fabric Curtains

If you have long fabric curtains in your home then there will be a dilemma of how to clean them or maintain them in good condition. Long curtains mean they are easily exposed to pets and then there would be stains and also dust on them. There are simple steps for maintaining and fabric curtain cleaning Canberra

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Just read on the information given below for long fabric curtain cleaning and maintenance.

1. Vacuum the curtains once every month

Since the curtains are long, deep cleaning them now and then will not be possible. You need to therefore vacuum them once every month. There would be dust and germs on the curtains and this will help in removing them. You can use a vacuum cleaner over the curtains if you need and you can also remove the curtains and put them on the floor and then do the vacuum cleaning.

2. Washing the fabric curtains once in six months

You must first check the tag on fabric curtains and check what way it should be deep cleaned. Whether you have to dry clean it or wash it or you can spot clean the same. Once you have read the instructions you will get a better idea about how to wash the curtains well. If you are allowed to wash them then you can do so once in six months. Washing the curtains with a liquid detergent and soapy water can give them a clean look. This is one of the best ways to enhance its span and make it look great.

3. Dry the curtains in a cool and shady area

If you expose the curtains to dry in sunlight then there would be fading of colors. It is better to dry them up on the dry rack or in a shady place. This is one of the best ways of maintaining the color and texture of the curtain.

4. Iron and fold the curtain well before you put it again

Before you have to put the curtains back on the curtain clips or holders you have to iron them. This will give a very good look to your long curtains. For Regular Curtain Cleaning and maintenance, this step will also make a good amount of difference.

5. Check the extent of dust and then decide to clean the same

At regular intervals, you should check the curtains and see how dusty and filthy they are. If you have not cleaned them for a while then these long curtains will become a space for germs. You must therefore clean the same and maintain the curtains well.


Keeping the curtains clean can give them a good lifespan too. With long fabric curtains on your premises, you may find it hard to take the right steps. But, if you want to clean them well, you can do so. You should follow the above steps and then get ahead with curtain cleaning service. Following these methods of maintenance can help in keeping the curtains well for a long time.

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