Do you have trust Issues?

trust issues

Trust is a confusing word. All the time, society teaches you not to trust people; the scammers, the perverts, the manipulators, all rely on you trusting them, so that is precisely what you are not to do. 

Yet, at the same time, you have to trust people in order to have a meaningful relationship. Otherwise, you come off as cold and closed off. 

It comes as a no surprise then that many people are unable to understand whom they can trust, and how to trust people. Whereas some people are better able to cope with this conundrum, others suffer from trust issues, especially when backed by evidence. 

However, the inability to trust people has grave implications for the quality of your life. All good relationships hinge on you being able to trust them, and it can therefore be very alienating when you have trust issue problems. This can then also lead to mental turmoil, that may then require the assistance of a mental health expert like those at MaxHealth Hospital.  

Signs that you have trust issues

Just because you are cautious of people does not mean that you necessarily have trust issues. The problem is more nuanced. Some signs that you may be suffering from trust issues include:

Closed off 

When you are unable to trust other people, you can only keep the relationships that you have on a superficial level, due to which you come off as closed off. 


When someone makes a fumble, it proves your point of people being unworthy of trust. Hence, you are unforgiving of people. You never get over betrayals. Rather than letting past be in the past, you keep your baggage with you. 

Not relying on people

Naturally, when you have trust issues, you are unwilling to rely on anyone. You therefore are extremely self-reliant. You don’t like people doing you favors.  

Jaded disposition 

When you have trust problems, you don’t consider people and their good will as no-strings-attached. Therefore, if someone does good to you, you think of it as a transaction, one that you have to return, and not a favor done for you. 

Moreover, when people help you with something, you treat it with suspicion; they are doing this because they want something from you too. Some might have an even more aggressive stance that people do them a favor to harm or disadvantage them. 

Overcoming trust issues 

Whereas at some points, lack of trust is natural, as is the case when relationships are beginning, but a perpetual lack of trust is problematic. Humans are social animals, and we need human contact to survive and live a quality life. 

Hence, it is important that you address your problem of trust issues. Some helpful things to do in this regard include:

Your intuition 

You can only truly trust others when you trust yourself. If you aren’t confident in your ability to recognize who is loyal to you, then you need to work on it. 


You also need to be worthy of other people’s trust. Unless you give them signals that you want to take forward this relationship, they will not be able to carry it all on their own. So, it is okay to talk about your feelings with your friends, who do the same with you. 

Slow and steady 

You cannot expect yourself to start trust people overnight. Instead, you should give yourself space and time. Start from one thing, and then build on it. For example, when it comes to your colleague of ten years, it can start from letting them get you coffee, and then you can trust them with greater things. 

Seek help

Since there can be very many reasons for having trust issues, some more complicated than the others, therefore, it may be that you need help from the Best Psychologist in Karachi to battle this problem. 


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