The Paid Liberating Power

We must not forget what we are talking about: the payment that, even if we do it online, is still an act that fulfills an obligation that we have and eliminates it from our assets.

If we buy something, if we consume electricity during a period in an electricity supply contract, if we have asked for money and we have to return it and in other similar cases, we have an obligation that is destined to be fulfilled through its corresponding payment.

And, also in the cloud, the Civil Code (RD of July 24, 1889) continues to be applied, which establishes, in its art. 1156 that the obligations are extinguished, among other reasons, by payment or fulfillment and in the following article 1157 ” A debt shall not be understood as paid until the thing has been fully delivered .”

For this reason, when we make payments online, we must keep proof of payment, which can be a payment code that they provide us or a movement in our current account or, simply, a screenshot where we can prove that we have paid.

Limitations on the amounts to be paid

The cash payment limits provided for in article 7 of Law 7/2012, of October 29, and which prohibit making payments of this type for an amount greater than €2,500 if we are businessmen or professionals or greater than €15,000 when paying a natural person from outside Spain, do not only affect payment in physical bills or bearer checks; electronic payments used as bearer payments are also subject to this limit.

To avoid possible problems or administrative sanctions, we must consider that any payment that is reflected in our account in a bank would be allowed outside the limits (a transfer, a seat on a credit or debit card).

What is an online payment?

Surely you have ever heard the term “online invoice payment system ” (online payment), this is due to the constant growth of electronic commerce; online payments are a very efficient and safe method for your business.

In the market there are different companies that can support you with this need, for example Juztinvoice is a comprehensive virtual payment solution that allows your company to collect invoices and process payments with various financial channels in a safe and professional manner.

What are online payments?

The billing systems and programs where companies or entrepreneurs offer their users the possibility of making their payments or purchases through the Internet have evolved as has the demand for this same service, having multiple advantages such as advance payments, which avoids delinquencies in sales, he immediately sent the invoice to achieve a more reliable and agile sale. Any entrepreneur or company can use these comfortable and secure tools, providing their customers and users with methods that facilitate their purchase, payment or purchase of a service thanks to the integration of billing and accounting software with platforms for automatic management of payments via the Internet and control accounting from your billing program in an integrated way with bank transactions.

At Juztinvoice we constantly implement payment methods that allow us to integrate with all of your company’s information systems. Entering the world of online payments is an intelligent and efficient way to grow your company’s business strategy, today is the time to start.


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