We Arrived In Korean Right In The Middle Of The First Half

As we approached the end of the platform, our small circle grew to the size of a marching company. The owner of the portable “Tourist”, frightened, apparently, by his son fast-growing popularity, jumped on the bus.

A rumble of disappointment swept through the crowd. But the next moment we heard Ozerov’s temperamental voice again. He came from the taxi rank. We rushed there. I finished first. But a passenger was already sitting in the car. No, he was not going anywhere; he was buying a car to listen to a report. A scandal was brewing in the air. But here … here Ozerov was suddenly agitated, his voice hoarse and fragmentary. And we all saw Yerkovich make a shot, and Halych scores a goal … Ozerov was silent. He was silent, perhaps for only a few seconds, but this silence was like a stone on our hearts. <…>

The city greeted us with empty sidewalks and black shutters.

Korean went to sleep. But our calculation turned out to be correct. We were less than ten steps away when we heard Ozerov’s voice again. In one of the windows on the second floor there was a receiver right on the windowsill and working at full power. And it did not infuriate or irritate anyone On the contrary. Gradually, twenty late passers-by gathered in the house. And here Ozerov’s voice trembled again, but now joy and pride sounded in his words: – Goal! – He solemnly announced. – Goal! – He repeated again, trying to cross the stadium with madness. In the next house the light flashed in several windows at once. And from there this triumphant voice came to us, and we, like the fire of a lighthouse, went to it. We didn’t stop anymore. A voice from Paris passed from house to house as a precious baton. An exciting report from the Parc des Princes Stadium poured through thousands of open windows. <…> Ozerov accompanied us everywhere, somewhere temperamental, somewhere indignant and somewhere sad, somewhere enthusiastic. No, we not only heard, we saw. In the haze of Korean’s streets in front of us stretched a gurgling passion “Parc des Princes”.

Television 무료스포츠중계, especially about intra-Union competitions, became more and more over time, and gradually they found complete independence from radio broadcasts.

It’s time to change the way of reporting, to adapt it to the specifics of television.

The camera in the hands of the cameraman itself became a “reporter”, taking away from the journalist his usual descriptive function. It was not only a difference of perception, not only that the reporter no longer needs a bright and colorful story that creates in the imagination of the listener a complete picture of events, but a subtle and interesting commentary on the real television picture, which implies other qualification requirements man at the microphone. The TV commentator had to penetrate more carefully and deeply into the essence of what is happening on the football field or hockey field – to analyze the intentions of athletes and coaches, to capture the nuances of strategy and tactics invisible to viewers, to publish additional information, comparisons and associative considerations.


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