“Psychological Skills for High Performance Sports Coaches”

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Lecture given at the 2018 Hominids Congress: “Psychological Skills for High Performance Sports Coaches”.

Francisco Enrique Garcia Ache.

University of Sciences of Physical Culture and Sport “Manuel Figaro” Cuba.

The theme that brings us together here, regarding the psychological skills of the coach, was developed by me based on the review of the literature, the exchange of experience with experts and the experience of 44 years working as a psychologist with high-performance coaches.

Discerning the psychological skills of coaches is highly significant,

especially if it is highlighted that all the tasks carried out by psychologists in high-performance nba중계 are carried out largely at the request of coaches, between 30 and 70 percent , from the demands of the help of a sports psychologist, is claimed by the coaches and it is through their interconnection that they can reach a happy ending. Therefore, understanding the nature and characteristics of the role of coaches allows facilitating a more adequate interaction in the tasks that are carried out thanks to a clear vision of their work, potentialities, limitations and risks in their activity.

Psychologists often do not have a precise reading

of what it means to be a coach, which can give rise to misunderstandings, conflicts and inappropriate behaviors in professional practice, among them, the attempt to supplant the functions of the instructor. The mediation of the coaches is transcendental in the incorporation, training and development of the athletes to increase their performance and even in counterproductive effects to the sport, such as the abandonment by the participants.

Felts (1992), points out that 80% of children who start in sport abandon it. Among the most significant causes is the performance of the coach. Of that 80% of children and adolescents who leave the sport, 60% do so due to mistreatment, punitive behaviour, excessive training, champions, lack of positive reinforcement, prejudice and other negative actions of the trainers. Must check: Catchy Pillow Company Names

In the sports system, the role of the coach has an ordering character,

Regulator of all the activities that are carried out with a view to obtaining their goals

There are two fundamental tasks of the coach: one as a teacher or pedagogue. In the formation of the athlete’s habits and skills, including the development of the physical qualities that guarantee the performance of the athlete or the team and as a second task the educational training of the athlete that guarantees the development of their socio-psychological qualities that are premises of the sport practice.

The coaching profession is considered among those that present high levels of stress. Garcia (2011).

Among the reasons for stress, it is evident that the coach is constantly subjected to the examination of their potential as specialists by all the participants in the sporting activity. A coach can often be successful, even from one championship to another, for years, and as soon as his team or athletes are defeated, his skills are questioned.

By tendency, everyone thinks about the role played by coaches, their decisions, their strategies to achieve success and the dynamics of their relationships with athletes and other actors in the world of sports, including the press, relationships with referees, relatives and everything related to the athlete.


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