Main Contract With Qualified Construction Management

Do you need to handle your upcoming construction or renovation project in a main contractor, and in this connection are you looking for an experienced main or turnkey contractor who can help you get to the finish line safely and safely with your construction task? Do you need to carry out a renovation, new construction or conversion? Feel free to contact us today for a non-binding conversation about help with the implementation of a main contract.

At Jacobsen, we have years of experience with the main contract form, and we take on the management of small and large construction projects. We have an address in Charlottenlund, and therefore we handle construction processes for customers in Ordure, Gentofte and the rest of North Zealand, as well as throughout Tømrer københavn.

What is the main contract?

A main contract covers several of the work areas that are part of a construction project. This means, among other things, that we as professionals take care of the various professional contractors, the construction itself and not least the finances around the construction.

As the main contractor, we are responsible for the construction management. We put together a competent team of craftsmen, determine a favorable offer and then supervise and ensure the quality of the construction project.

​This type of contract is popular, as the opposite contract gives the client the opportunity to delegate the responsibility, so that they do not have to have an overview of the various craftsmen, what they must perform and how their work must be coordinated.

Construction and renovation projects require an overview and extensive planning. Often a developer will find that there can be fluctuations in the budget or the planned time frame quickly. If you are facing a construction project and you want the process to work as smoothly as possible, let Jacobsen help.

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Construction and renovation projects we can handle

We are a versatile company with extensive experience in various types of construction and renovation projects. This has enabled us to handle the following projects, among other things:

  • Total conversion
  • Extension
  • Renovation
  • Roof replacement
  • Facade renovation

This is what the process looks like with Contract Management as the main contractor

We begin our collaboration with a meeting where we review the client’s expectations and needs for your construction project. After this, we are responsible for presenting the construction project to our partners. We take care of all contact with craftsmen such as masons, carpenters, electricians, etc. In collaboration with our subcontractors, we put together an offer tailored to your wishes and set a schedule for the project.

Once the construction project has started, we maintain an overview, so we are sure that the construction project complies with the delivery date and finances. We regularly hold construction meetings, supervise our subcontractors and ensure that the quality is in order.

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