Is FUE Hair Transplant Better Than FUT Transplant Option?

Hair transplant today is known to be the only practical solution to restore hair, and retain growth. There are various methods for surgical hair transplantation, but the surgeons suggest one that takes less time and more options for transplanting hair follicles.

If you ask anyone, suggest me the popular transplant method, so you’ll find FUE hair transplant as a popular one, especially in Frisco, Texas. Still, some hesitate to go for this method due to direct cutting of hair follicles from the backside. On the other hand, physicians prefer the FUT transplantation method, as it enables easy working. This raises a question, which one is recommended actually?  

As many people ask this question, we bring a comprehensive guide sharing precise detail about both hair transplant methods. Spare a minute to learn about both essential methods, then decide which one is suitable for you.

Instead of comparing the pros and cons of both transplant methods, let’s study both individually. This will provide efficient learning, and will help you decide which one suits according to current hair condition.  

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

The transplantation method in which each follicular unit is collected from the scalp. The hair follicles are removed randomly, allowing your physician to harvest hair from the donor area with less visible thinning of the area. 

With FUE hair transplant, surgeons implant hair using microscopic circular incisions on the scalp. Now, FUE hair transplant is further expanded into two types;

Manual FUE is done by a physician using a handheld device to extract the individual hair follicles.

Robotic FUE – This transplant procedure uses a robotic hair transplant device under the supervision of a physician. They select the required amount of hair for mowing and map out the desired donor area. 

The physician does not harvest the donor grafts, but the ARTAS robot performs this step. This medical marvel of technology offers supreme precision and accuracy.

Robotic Hair Transplant is highly beneficial in terms of;

  • High Graft Quality
  • Natural Looking Results
  • Short Recovery Time
  • No Pain During Or After Treatment

Success Rate of FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT in Frisco

FUE transplants are equally successful as the traditional FUT method, with 90% of graft survival rates. And, with Robotic FUE technology, it can boost to 100%. The success level is based on the doctor’s knowledge, skill, and experience performing the transplant procedure. Consider Dr.Mauricio Geraldo – the top American cosmetic surgery expert.

What About FUT Hair Transplant?

Also known as Strip Method, this procedure takes a long, thin piece of tissue from the back of the scalp. Individual follicular units are removed from the strip with the help of stereo-microscopic dissection.

After collecting all follicles, the wound is closed, leaving a linear scar.

Striking Benefits of Hair Transplant Frisco, TX

This hair transplant method is highly beneficial in terms of; 

  • Manageable Recovery Time

FUT hair transplant provides a quick recovery timeline as it usually lasts around 10-12 days. Besides, some patients experience greater discomfort due to swelling in the area from where the strip of scalp was removed. That pain can be curable with certain medications.

  • Higher Rate Of Follicle Survival

With the FUT transplant method, a chunk of hair is collected from the mid donor zone, where most of the hair is permanent. This is why patients with limited hair in the donor area are widely recommended for FUT treatment. 

  • Natural Looking Results

With a FUT hair transplant method, a patient’s hair is transplanted in naturally occurring 1 – 4 hairs groups, enabling them to enjoy natural-looking hair without revealing hair transplant procedures.

  • No Additional Damaging With Subsequent Sessions

No matter how many sessions a patient goes through, they always end up with one scar. Whereas the FUE procedure always leaves a small, round scar behind with each harvested follicle unit.

To sum up, both transplant procedures are similar as both provide natural-looking results. The only difference between FUT and FUE hair transplant methods is how surgeons extract hair follicles from the backside of the head – usually known as the donor area. 

To learn more about hair restoration in Frisco, TX, and options to regrow hair, visit Medi Laser Surgery, or subscribe to stay tuned with all the latest information, services, and transplant services. 


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