Dremel 8000-03 Detail Sander


The Dremel 8000-03 is part of the latest generation of detail air belt sanders. This little guy is loaded with features that make it useful for any detail work, sanding or otherwise. With so many attachments, so much power, and such long battery life, the 8000-03 will certainly satisfy the needs of any project with ease.


This rotary tool is not just good for sanding. It features 40 different accessories which give you the ability to sand, cut, drill, grind, polish, and saw just about anything. Tailor your speed to the attachment and job at hand by using the variable speed settings. This dial can range the speed of the 8000-03 from 5,000 to 35,000 rotations per minute.


Probably its most distinguishing feature of the 8000-03 is its cordless design. Featuring a Lithium Ion battery pack, this Dremel tool can go anywhere for ultimate convenience. The Lithium Ion battery also means the 8000-03 can be used much longer than the previous models, which contained Nickel Cadmium batteries. In fact, the 8000-03 has the longest run time of any cordless tool Dremel makes today! Check its on-board battery gauge while working, which tells you how much battery life you have left.

Easy to Use

Another great feature of the 8000-03 is its overall design. This detail sander has a comfortable grip housing and is extremely comfortable in your hand. It is only 9.25 inches long and weighs less than a pound (14 ounces). This small size and lightweight provide the maneuverability and control needed when doing precision work.

 Our Opinion of It

The Dremel 8000-03 combines today’s innovative cordless technology with the Dremel tradition of quality tools. It is small enough to get into tight spaces, yet powerful enough to get the job done. The porter cable detail sender and comfort of the 8000-03 are unmatched. This kit features the tool, a charger, 40 different attachments, and a carrying case. Be successful for years to come with this incredible little machine.

Dremel 7300 MiniMite Detail Sander

The 7300 MiniMite from Dremel is the perfect tool for putting the finishing touches on any project. Its small body design and comfortable grip ensure precision and accuracy while you work. Finish your next job right with this great little rotary tool.

Compact, Comfortable Design

With a length of eight inches and a weight of only 1.4 pounds, the MiniMite is extremely easy to maneuver. A pencil-nose grip and soft-grip areas on the body make delicate detail work simple.

Added Versatility

Several attachments are included with the MiniMite, allowing you to sand, polish, etch and grind. Changing out the attachments is quick and easy with the included wrench. Two different speed settings allow you to adjust to the proper speed for the job, adding more control and accuracy while you work.


Another great feature of the 7300 is the cordless capability, which makes this machine even more convenient. The Minimalist has a removable battery pack that can be placed on a charger, which is also included. The charger works fast and will have your battery ready for use again in just three hours.

Our Opinion of It

The 7300 MiniMite is a rotary tool built with a simple goal in mind – to make the finishing touches easier. This machine has the right attachments, speed settings, and comfortable design to give you complete control over the outcome of your detail work. Backed by a two-year warranty from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business, the MiniMite from Dremel is sure to please.

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