Why Choose ARISE Service pte ltd for Food hygiene course

Arise Services Pte Ltd. is a recognized leader in food safety and hygiene training in Singapore. The courses focus on teaching people about the importance of personal hygiene and the impact it has on business growth. Participants learn how to prevent food-borne illnesses and improve productivity. The training is also based on the most current public health regulations. The benefits of food safety and hygiene course are many.

Why Choose ARISE Service Pte. Ltd.?

  •  WSQ-approved curriculum adheres to the F & B Hygiene Procedures, as outlined by the NEA.

 All food handlers are required to complete the course before working in a food preparation environment. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles of food safety and is perfect for induction training, refresher training, or classroom-based education.

Sentient Interactive Food Safety Course:

 Designed to teach employees about food safety, the Sentient Interactive Food Hygiene Course is the perfect choice for those new to the industry or those looking for an easy, flexible way to train their staff. This course is ideal for induction training and refresher training for existing employees, and can be used by schools, food service facilities, or the public at large.

Online Learning:

 ARISE’s eLearning courses have a convenient format that allows you to stop and resume the course whenever you want. Additionally, the courses adhere to the CPD guidelines and can be paused and resumed at any time. Besides, the e-learning modules are certified by the National Institute of Health and Safety. Hence, they are the perfect choice for anyone in the food safety industry.

The food hygiene course singapore is designed to teach employees about the importance of food safety. The courses will help them to prevent food-borne illnesses and keep employees safe. By taking the course, you will be able to maintain a healthy food business and keep your customers happy. This will allow you to expand your business. A certified employee is an invaluable asset to any food business. This certificate will help you to meet the compliance standards of the government.

The company’s e-learning courses are designed to teach employees about the basics of food safety. The courses are ideal for part-time employees and for non-classroom training. In addition, they are also certified in accordance with CPD guidelines. If you want to become a food safety professional, you will need to get a certification in the field. You will also have a valuable asset.

The courses are delivered by professionals with years of experience.

 The e-learning courses are accredited by the WDA/WSQ and adhere to the F & B safety and hygiene procedures. To become a registered food handler, you need to pass the Food Hygiene course. The certification will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to safely handle food.

The e-learning courses are certified by the WDA/WSQ and are compliant with the requirements of the National Board for Food Hygiene. They are designed to educate employees on the basics of food hygiene, how to prevent food contamination, and how to handle food. The online courses are a convenient option for a food safety course in Singapore. There are no limitations when it comes to the duration of the courses.

WSQ-certified food safety courses adhere to the F & B safety and hygiene procedures. They are ideal for non-classroom training, part-time staff, and e-learning in Singapore. The training will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to handle food safely. All of this will boost your morale and increase your company’s productivity. The WSQ-certified courses are accredited by the WDA/WSQ.

The course teaches food hygiene in Singapore. The courses are divided into three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. The first level of training is ideal for employees who work with low-risk foods and are not responsible for preparing high-risk food. The latter level is appropriate for staff in the food industry who handle high-risk foods. It can also be used to train new employees.


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