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After this game, Pastor and Baseball’s first game was published on August 5, 1921, after Harold Arlin, and then on the radio. Membership was announced this fall at Arlene University College. Since then, speakers have appeared in theaters and theaters around the world. In the first thirty years of sports broadcasting, there were many warning signs. Opponent Jesse Owens, an African American who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but Adolf Hitler was not wearing a brooch around his neck. In 28 languages ​​and become the first company in the world.

Then there are the popular sports ads.

On the night of June 22, 1938, the NBC team gathered at Yankee Stadium with 70,043 heavyweight boxers from Joe Lewis and Max Schering of Germany. 124 seconds later, viewers were shocked to hear NBC reporter Ben Grover yell, “Just smile…that’s the belief…” during the Suicide Brown Team combat power.

In 1939, Captain Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees made a famous welcoming speech at Yankee Stadium. Initially, 2,130 tattoos were tested for ALS. Read a popular post on July 4: “…I feel like the worst person in the world when it comes down to it.”

The 1947 World Series was the most popular sport. In game six, the Brooklyn Dodgers led the New York Yankees and the Dodgers put Al Gionfrido in the center. Yankee slugger Joe DiMaggio, along with two others, continued to offer the same advice. In one of his comments, the Red Barber convener described what happened next.

“This is the ground. Squeeze with the strap … Set the middle. Gionfrido back … back, back, back … then … rub the leg muscles!”

“Hey, I’m scared!” Like most ads,

It has become a program. Here are some of the most popular 해외축구중계 broadcasts: Cardinal and his cousins ​​Harry Carroll sing “Min Name! Can or Min Nixing… You can go home to a popular song”. Ice Pioneer TV “Pua! Ipu!”

Some publishers are fluent in the language and do not require a specific language. On April 8, 1974, Vince Coolly received the departure of 715 Atlanta 715 Los Angeles Dodgers Captain Henry Aaron, and the news faded. “The ball is fast, the ball flies high, in the middle of the floor on the left, Buckner is back on the bar, nothing. The ball explodes, it burns.

These movies have spread into sportswear as readers receive advertisements for various activities. At night, however, the radio followed in the footsteps of the old sports station.

Everyone involved in the sports market knows and says that I am an important player in the sports market. Owners, sponsors, players and entertainers, including venues. The expansion of the sports market is a simple example that continues to satisfy the bad guys’ need for more information and experience about their teams and favorite players. mo

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