Use your UK phone SIM card abroad

Use your UK phone SIM card abroad

You’ll soon be able to use your UK phone SIM card abroad. With the rise in competition amongst the mobile networks, it means we’ll be able to use our SIM card when travelling without incurring any roaming charges. But what does that mean exactly?

Firstly, it means you won’t need to worry about sorting out different contracts when you’re travelling. All you’ll need is the SIM card with you when you leave the UK. We’ll show you how to use your phone abroad when we review the new Apple iPhone 4 in October.

The big difference between a normal SIM and a mobile SIM is that a mobile SIM only works in that network’s network. For example, when you travel to France, you can use your regular French mobile SIM card. You can also know how to check Zong number in 2022. It is humble thing, you bought new SIM and forgot a number.

If you choose to use a regular mobile SIM card, you’ll need to take a separate European Mobile SIM card when you travel to countries such as Spain, France and Germany. This is because roaming in these countries requires a European Mobile SIM.

Take a look at our SIM card buying guide for a full rundown of which network offers which type of card. After buying new SIM card, you properly want to know about the balance query so here is the complete solution that how to check Zong balance.

You’ll also need to make sure that your international phone plan, or the carrier itself, recognises the SIM you are trying to use. For example, while most providers allow you to use a mobile SIM card in another country if it’s the same type of plan you’re already on, some providers will only let you use a SIM card if it’s in a specific ‘tier’. Tier 1 mobile SIM cards, for example, allow you to use their service in most countries. Tier 2 mobile SIM cards will only work in 10-15 countries at most.

Anywhere you go

The best way to use your phone abroad is with a satellite phone. There are several kinds available, so we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each.

Satellite phones, also known as dedicated satellite phones, aren’t actually satellite phones at all. They’re small devices that you attach to your car or RV to use when out and about.

It can cost between $600 and $1,200 (£250 and £550) for a satellite phone for two years (varies depending on model), plus monthly charges for overseas calls. For an annual cost of $10 a month, plus $10 a month for calls in the US, for example, that’s a total of $160 a year (roughly £85).

Put simply, it’s probably cheaper to buy a SIM card, even if it costs more up front. We’ll look at satellite phones in more detail later.

Mobile phones

When it comes to using your own mobile phone when you’re abroad, most phones and SIM cards work the same. The only issue is that there are usually data limits on mobile phones abroad that mean they may be unable to access your data when you’re overseas.

Phone calls are usually free when you’re out and about, but you will have to pay a standard call charge when you’re on a Wi-Fi hotspot – typically around £1.50 a minute – or you may want to use a data SIM card. It’s usually possible to buy a 12-month ‘pop-up’ contract with a data SIM for as little as £7.50 a month, and will ensure you have the best of both worlds.

Data-only SIMs

If you’re after a SIM card for your existing phone, your best bet is to buy a regular mobile phone. For example, an iPhone 3GS can be bought for around £450, although iPhone 4 SIMs are expected to cost more.

For an Android phone you can usually get a free SIM card, or you may need to fork out around £60 for a contract-free SIM card, although it’s possible to find a SIM card for free. The Galaxy S2 can cost as little as £70, although its SIM-free price is expected to start at around £200.

If you’re after a prepaid mobile card, you can usually buy one for free with your phone, or you can usually buy a SIM-only card for £25-£50 a month, although these usually come with a fairly high data cap.

SIM cards

The most popular type of SIM card you can buy is the number that will let you use your own phone abroad. The SIM card usually comes with a UK/European phone number, which you can use to call, text or even send emails from the device – in the UK, for example. It will generally work as normal from the overseas number, although there may be charges to call numbers in your home country.

However, SIM cards aren’t the only type of micro-SIM you can buy – and there are lots of different ‘form factors’ you can use, which we’ll talk about later.

Also, some SIMs can be used in your home country to access the internet for free. They’re called air cards and usually come in packs of 500 or 1000.

Instead of having to buy a SIM card for each SIM card you want to use abroad, it’s possible to buy a SIM card that lets you use more than one SIM at a time. This will usually cost between £7 and £10, plus extra fees for using your home country’s number.

It’s also possible to buy a SIM card for a specific device – for example, if you want to use your iPhone abroad you’ll need a particular type of SIM card. You’ll usually have to pay around £8-£10 for the SIM card and be asked to pay a one-off fee of about £20. It’s like buying a portable hard drive – the best ones have USB sockets.

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