Sour Diesel strain

Like many cannabis strains found on the market, Sour Diesel is the result of a number of crosses meticulously selected from the kush, haze, diesel, etc. families of cannabis to bring unique coquetry to the great classic: For Sour Diesel cannabis, it is its authentic and strong flavor that sets it apart from others. Barely introduced to the market, this cannabis variety has become a real star for consumers (flowers, leaves, and oil), but also for growers (seeds, seeds).


Sour Diesel CBD starts out


Sour Diesel appeared in the United States in the 1990s. The genetic heritage of this Californian herb is still under discussion, but the most likely hypothesis describes it as the product of the crossing of the Original Diesel plant with northern light, shiva, and Hawaiian. As soon as it was introduced to the market, this beautiful American quickly spread around the world due to its organoleptic uniqueness (taste and smell), which immediately found its fans (let alone its fans). Its intense flavor so specific made it rejected in the legal version for Europe for everyone to enjoy, we can say with certainty that it was a good idea! Indeed, this new cannabis hybrid, Sour Diesel CBD, has quickly seduced consumers of CBD (cannabidiol) products hungry for new flavors.


As the name suggests, Sour Diesel CBD Outdoor is grown outdoors, from feminized seeds (seeds) and in the open ground.  Learn more details Sour Diesel strain

This type of farming strongly influences the yield as the plant can optimize its development without any space restriction (as opposed to indoor cultivation) and thanks to the natural richness of the soil. This cannabis strain is photoperiodic (unlike auto-flowering seed plants), its seasonality must then be strictly adhered to (from feminized seed to germination to flower harvesting) if we want a good quality crop. The result is a naturally softer plant than those grown indoors, where everything is millimeters, so the production of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant is increased.


The Sour Diesel CBD cannabis strain outdoors is a good size (150-200 cm tall), has a fairly long flowering time (10-11 weeks), and produces a heavy yield (550-600 g / plant) for a plant of this size.

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