Lahore’s Bahria Orchard is a hive of activity for real estate investors.

Bahria town Lahore is on Main Rawaind Road Lahore. It is near Bahria town Lahore as well as New city Lahore. Defense road is ten minutes away, and hence Bahria orchid keeps its residents connected with the rest of the city. The location of Bahria orchid Lahore is one of its most attractive features.

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Owners and developers of Bahria orchid Lahore

The owner of Bahria Orchid Lahore is Malik Riaz Hussain. He is also the owner of the Bahria towns in Lahore and Islamabad, including other projects such as the Bahria icon tower in Karachi. Malik Riaz Husain’s journey from rags to riches is probably the nation’s favorite success story. Malik Riaz was born in a middle-class family and worked as a clerk in his early years. However, with his futuristic thinking and outstanding work, he got a much-deserved opportunity and is now regarded as the king of real estate in Pakistan.

Previous projects 

Malik Riaz is responsible for developing Bahria town Islamabad and Bahria town Lahore. These projects have been nationally and internationally recognized for their outstanding planning and state-of-the-art facilities. Despite several controversies regarding these two projects, they have still managed to perform and have become one of the highest listed properties. Despite being away from the center of the city, they have lured several people due to the facilities they provide.

Special features of the Bahria Orchid

Bahria orchid brings together both nature and luxury. It aims at enhancing the natural features of the area with its modern planning. It plans on creating an environment-friendly society that is both sustainable and affordable. It has several residential and commercial plots at reasonable rates. Moreover, Bahria Orchid has its education and health department. Schools, including the Bahria town international school and college, offer high standard education and hire qualified teachers. The hospitals are modernly built and are equipped with the latest machinery.

Facilities and Amenities provided by Bahria Orchid

Bahria orchid is a gated community with 24/7 camera surveillance making it a safe and secure place for its residents. It has wide roads, an Egyptian-themed gate, and modern infrastructure made according to international standards. If you have lived in Pakistan, you have probably been a victim of the constant load shedding. Bahria town promises to be a load-shedding free community with a tranquil water and gas supply. It also has several recreational areas, including a zoo, a cinema, and an arena.

Achievements of Bahria Town

You judge real estate developers by their previous records and awards. Bahria town has been applauded nationally and has also managed to make its name internationally. It has secured ten awards internationally, including the Asia Pacific International property award and the highly commended Hi-rise architecture award. It has also won honors for having the best 5-star golf development and best 5-star leisure architecture. Bahria town has been named Asia’s largest private real estate developer and is responsible for constructing Pakistan’s most significant building.


Reading everything over may make you think that the plots are costly and out of reach for a middle-class man. However, that is far from reality! Bahria town offers high standard facilities to its residents while keeping the plots at reasonable prices. This allows people living on a low income to purchase their own homes finally. Despite being cheap, it does not compromise on the quality, so it stands as the best housing society in Pakistan. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the best opportunity for you to buy properties. 


 Bahria Orchid Lahore has established itself as an ideal living location. It ensures a high living standard while staying within your budget. Along with making sure all necessary facilities are provided, it makes several luxuries available for its residents. Bahria town currently hires around 35,000 workers and is one of the biggest private firms in Pakistan.

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