Factors To Take Into Account When Choosing Your Next Lawnmower

·        Propulsion

Lawnmowers have engines with different characteristics. The optimal choice must be made taking into account the performance we need and the area of ​​action, among other factors.

·        Gasoline engine

Thanks to this internal combustion engine, the slicer achieves very high performance. As a result, you will be able to mow taller grasses and be able to perform on more difficult terrain (self-propelled). This variant is suitable for very large areas as it is not dependent on a power supply. The downside is that they are more expensive and heavier. Because of this, handling this type of mower is more difficult in rough environments.

·        Electric motor

The electric version of the mower is ideal for smaller areas, up to about 700 m2. It is especially used in orchards or other land where there may be many trees and obstacles. With this option, you will have a less heavy machine, providing better maneuverability. In addition, it has another advantage: it is undoubtedly the lowest price. On the other hand, you are limited by the cable, which you need to pay attention to. The performance of this type of lawnmowers is lower compared to gasoline lawnmowers.

·        Cordless motor

This is a popular option that combines the freedom of movement of a petrol lawnmower with the maneuverability and lightness of an electric type. Keep in mind that the battery motor is less efficient. These lawn mowers are an excellent option for small areas up to 500m2 with very uneven terrain.

·        Performance

Choosing the right performance is very important. In small gardens of up to approx. 700m2, a 3-4 CV motor is sufficient. In large areas of up to 1,500 m2, a more powerful version of up to 6.5 CV is recommended. Performance affects how well the Stihl in Anderson SC can cut tall grass. It also influences the width and speed of cut when self-propelled. There is no need to choose a more powerful (or even less powerful) model than you need. Choose a mower that provides performance taking into account the surface you are going to work.

·        Torque

This value mainly affects the height of the grass to be cut. The basic theorem says that doubling the torque in Nm gives the maximum height of the grass in cm. For example: the torque is 9 Nm x 2 = 18 cm height on grass as orientation limit.

·        Material

The materials of each component can vary and primarily affect the life and reliability of the mower but also affect the weight of the mower. The plastic design is convenient because it is cheap and light. Also, it is to be expected that the slicer will have a shorter useful life. Lawn mowers designed with steel are more durable and robust. On the contrary, they are much heavier and require comprehensive maintenance. Other hybrid cutters, with aluminum alloys, combine the advantages of the two previous versions. They provide less weight and high resistance as well as more durability and useful life time. Its main disadvantage is its price since it is relatively higher.

·        Width of cut

This value is the most important when selecting a lawn mower. You must choose the appropriate model according to the area of ​​the garden to work:

  • On surfaces up to 250 m2 = 30 cm cutting width
  • On surfaces from 250 m2 to 500 m2 = 45 cm cutting width
  • On surfaces from 500 m2 to 1000 m2 = 45-55 cm cutting width
  • On surfaces of more than 1000 m2 = 55 cm or more of cutting width

·        Collection basket volume

This factor is also very important when selecting the perfect option. On smaller lawnmowers the approximate volume is 50 liters. In the largest it can exceed 70 l. The larger the collection basket, the fewer times it will need to be emptied. On the other hand, they are heavier and handling is more laborious.

·        Functional team

Especially on gasoline lawnmowers, the self-propelled function can make the job much easier. In this case, the lawnmower moves by it and you only have to worry about the control of the machine. Some mowers have an extra function that spreads the grass while it is being cut, thus providing “organic fertilizer”. Other features include side ejection, height-of-cut adjustment and electric start among others.

·        Get inspired

Before selecting the best lawnmower for your garden, we recommend that you consult the opinions of users. In addition, you must take into account which models are the best sellers and the satisfaction of other buyers. Real opinions will avoid bad choices in your purchase.

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