Unforgettable Moments

With Studio Sport we experience legendary sport in our living room. For example, we see the successes of the Dutch football clubs Ajax, Feijenoord and PSV in the late 1960s and 1970s. A national tragedy was born when Orange lost the final to West Germany in 1974. “Have we settled in after all” is a quote from the legendary sports journalist Herman Kuiphof at the moment that Gerd Müller scores the 2nd and winning goal for Germany, with which the German shrouds the Netherlands in deep mourning. Together with the Orange we have to drink the poison cup twice more when the Dutch national team loses the final again in 1978 and 2010 and again does not become world champion.

But we are finally rewarded in 1988 when Marco van Basten lashes out unexpectedly and devastatingly with the accompanying words of Theo Reitsma: ”Van Basten, well…oh what a goal, what a goal….what a wonderful goal.” Then Studio Sport shows us a broadly smiling Ruud Gullit who is the first Dutchman to hold up the European Cup for national teams. When Studio Sport celebrates its 50th anniversary, viewers prefer winning the 해외스포츠중계 European Championship final in 1988 as the most beautiful Studio Sport moment.

We are proud of Jan and Joop when we see that they get the yellow jersey on the Champs-Élysées as winners of the Tour de France. We watch with fascination as Sjoukje and Joan ice dance for the gold.

We are there when Reinier Paping writes national history by winning the half-frozen De Elfstedentocht in 1963. From that year on, we are at the front of every Elfstedentocht and we can experience that eternal fame and loss are only a few centimeters apart, when Hank Argument beats Erik Hulzebosch on the line. We join in as the times come for Ard and Keessie as they head for new victories.

During the Olympic Games in 1992 we witness the magnificent gold race of Ellen van Langen and we cheer with Yvonne van Gennip when she crowns herself with 3 gold medals as Queen of the Winter Games in 1988. With “Timmertje, Timmertje, what are you going to do?” commentator Frank Snoeks accompanies Marianne Timmer to 1 of her eventual 3 gold medals at 2 Olympic Games.

These unforgettable moments and much more have been shown to us by Studio Sport and its predecessors over the past 60 years. Sport brings people together, also in the living room, because more and more we watch major sports tournaments together on a big screen. Partly thanks to Studio Sport, sport has become a sporting experience, with the athletes on the TV and the sympathetic public in front of it, whether or not with the board on their lap.

Viewing tip

On Friday, April 5, 2019, a special broadcast of Met het Mes or Tafel: 60 years of Studio Sport: Met het Bord op Schoot can be seen on NPO 1 at 10.25 pm. The presentation is in the hands of Herman van der Zandt and 3 Olympic champions and 3 NOS presenters take place opposite him. The editors have come up with a number of extra questions especially for MAX Today. Can you answer them all correctly? Don’t wait any longer and take the quiz. Also in Time for MAX, 60 years of Studio Sport is extensively discussed, Friday 5 April at 5.10 pm on NPO 1.


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