The Best VPN For The Premier League


Not all VPNs are able to give you access to Premier League 스포츠중계. A good VPN to watch football online must meet a number of things:

  • The VPN must be fast. There is nothing more annoying than stuttering while watching an exciting football match!
  • The VPN must provide servers in the Netherlands.
  • The VPN should be easy to set up.
  • Could you use some help in choosing the best VPN? We have listed the three best choices for you.

Watch Eredivisie with Surfshark: super fast and cheap

Surfshark is without a doubt one of our absolute favorite providers. This VPN service is still quite young and has only been around for a few years. Still, the Surfshark team does a really good job: they offer super-fast servers that won’t slow down your connection at all. Also, their software is very easy to work with. Beginners will therefore be fine with Surfshark.

Just like all providers in this list, Surfshark also has good servers in the Netherlands. The big advantage that Surfshark has over other providers is that it is incredibly cheap. For just a few euros a month, all your computers, telephones, televisions and tablets are protected. Surfshark has no limit on the number of devices on which you can use your subscription. Surfshark also offers a convenient free trial. So you can try the VPN first at your leisure.

Watch Premier League with ExpressVPN: high quality and stability

ExpressVPN has been number one in our rankings for a long time. This is mainly because ExpressVPN excels in terms of stability. ExpressVPN servers almost always work with various streaming services, including the streams that broadcast the Eredivisie. This VPN also achieves high speeds and will therefore cause little delay.

ExpressVPN software is easy to control. All you have to do is press a big button and you’re already connected. In addition, you have thousands of servers to choose from. The only downside to this provider is that the price tag is somewhat on the expensive side. You pay extra for this top quality, which is why ExpressVPN finished in second place in our top 3 for the Eredivisie.

Watch Premier League with NordVPN: perfect security with many servers

If you’re looking for internet freedom, NordVPN is the right place for you. With thousands of servers, this provider is a great option for unblocking all kinds of online content, including Premier League matches. NordVPN is one of the largest VPNs on the market today and has a wide range. You may have to search for a working server, but then you can watch all your favorite streams to your heart’s content.

NordVPN forte is security. The protocols that this provider uses are extremely strong. NordVPN optimally protects the privacy of all users and responds well in times of crisis. This is of course fantastic, but not the first priority if you only want to use your VPN for watching the Eredivisie. Because NordVPN servers are just not as good at unblocking local content as Surfshark and ExpressVPN, this provider is in third place in this list.

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