10 Basic Reasons to Maintain the Blog Comments Section


Not all of a sudden, content is estimated by how many social responses it gets. Although a response section also gets a bad reputation thanks to the social media reaction, simply because this part of your blog often devolves into a spam-loaded free-for-all. So, could be those responses of any asset to your content publishing?

Ask us and we’ll answer: undoubtedly! Comments sections are still worth your all-out effort, as they work as evidence of how many readers opt for engaging with common brands by providing replies to their content. All that glitters is not jewelry, but that doesn’t work for blog responses, since in consort with social networking, they’re indubitably the most effective and thus valuable method of engagement and feedback.

For fear that you’re still not eager to say farewell to your doubts, let us guide you through some of the most reassuring reasons why you should pay attention to responses, and use them for your own benefit:

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1. Chances To Find New Sources

It’s amazing how many useful links, information references, and downloads you can find not through online explorations but due to people’s sharing a relevant source in blog responses sections. In addition, a well-composed response with a thoughtful exposition of the topic might cause you to visit the interlocutor’s site and learn better your audience/admirers/opponents.

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2. Commenting Is Indispensable For Your Public Footmark

Since you have a community to work with, its expansion will most likely among your first priority aims. Irrespective of what kind of material you’re collecting on your site, it’s expected that you’d want to enlarge the accessibility of it to the visitors, and social media represent one of the best ways to do this.

Apart from providing you with criticism, an engaged community is an invaluable commodity in that they’ll feel obliged to share your data with their peers if they deem it appealing.

Creating involvement with the public is not a silver bullet, however. Work on making your post more worthy sharing-wise, but do not forget that your readers are living people, so try to engage them in the most natural way. This responsibility of well-adjusted communication is not one to be taken lightly.

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3. The Delight Of Being A Frequenter

If you have a favorite tea shop near where you work, then you know what the pleasure of foretasting what you’re going to order before you order it. Let then readers go and pick up the dialogue where they left off. That is how they don’t feel like a fish out of water – by being a “regular user.”

The response section of your blog is a place where all the frequenters love to gather. They left their thoughts there and now are eager to know how others reacted to it. They know how exactly your blog functions and can refer back to their old posts or other past answers. Regulars are the element that turns your writing into something organic and allows you to steer away from a successive posting of articles.

4. Comments Nurture a Feeling of Community

If you work with a WordPress blog, then you recognize that one of the most captivating and heart-warming things is watching how a responses section fills up. Unless you’re monitoring YouTube videos, working with commentary is associated with a pretty nice feeling for a professional involved in the content creation process. We don’t need to tell you why: quite obviously, gratification is perceived as something pleasant in itself, after all. The section enlivened with remarks is a great sign that things are going right, as far as blogging is concerned. As a matter of fact, most blog readers rarely bother to react to a prevailing volume of content – unless it really tugs at their heartstrings. If you have achieved that in your blog, then kudos to you!

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5. People Hold To Discussions They’ve Participated In

Not surprisingly, writing a post that is becoming overgrown with reactions often makes other bloggers get involved too. This could result in asking questions and the consequent writing of a post related to the dialogue and linked to the original post. And when you’re having a long run in somebody else’s response column and partaking actively, don’t you think your good written reaction can receive a further life in the form of a fully-fledged post? Organize proper cross-referencing too – it’s wholesome to promote what’s promoting you.

6. Responses Aid You In Comprehending Your Audience

As a general rule, your responses section turns into an abundant treasure house when it comes to digging more info about your readers. Their interests and personalities could be understood in that way – therefore, you most certainly shouldn’t ignore those little snippets of priceless data.

7. Find-And-Join Discussions

Tons of conversational activities happen on social media, although it is sometimes quite difficult to follow all that. Participating in commenting activity makes it easier for the readers who discover the post to follow along and effectively grasp of how the conversation goes. Stragglers can also join as easily as a duck takes to water.

8. Create a Niche for The Readers’ Contribution

There is a misstep which quite a few content creators are prone to take: many of us deem themselves more knowledgeable about a concrete topic than members of our audience. However, there will surely be someone among you readers knowing a lot more about this specific theme, be it game development or artisanal shoe design.

9. Social Proof For Your Place

Don’t forget that crowds tend to grow exponentially: the more people participate in the active debate the less terrifying it seems to join the discussion. There are 90% and more lurkers who avoid revealing themselves like a plaque, so you’ll need to show them this social proof to sway them. Questions encourage answers; keep responding and the conversation won’t die out.

10. Unmediated Contact With The Creator of an Article

A blog responses section is the best opportunity possible to interact with the writer. Any person can read an article, but having the means of an unmediated connection with the author provides a reader with the chance to discuss his or her interpretation.

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The section with responses is an essential part of a blog. The usability of comments box and thus readers’ engagement can be much improved with the use of the plugins of WordPress. Communicating with your audience helps you establish rapport and build trust, which ultimately leads to better traffic, sales, and consumer response.

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