The Advantages Of Having The Pressure Washer

Petrol Pressure washers

Petrol Pressure washers can wash the pavement faster and deeper as a pipe hose and requires less water. Cleaning cars using a pressure washer can also improve the quality of the car wash. Once again, less water is needed that means that more cars are cleaned every day.

All pressure washers are made equal and based on certain variables; they will determine the dimension of pressure washer that you require. If you don’t get the right pressure washer to the task for which that it was designed for it will not last for long.

Take care of your equipment Check for leaks, replace worn components, and make sure to change the oil in your pump at least once every three hours usage.

It is recommended to buy a quality machine that can serve what it’s required for. Saving the cost by purchasing smaller high-pressure cleaner will result in more repairs.

The Advantages Of Having An Air Pressure Washer

Cleans tough staining: Pressure washers are available with different pressure settings that tackle tasks that are light, medium or heavy duty. The most difficult stains such as grease, oil or grime are in the category of heavy-duty tasks that a powerful pressure washer can remove from your vehicle. High-pressure washers are equipped with accessories such as rotating nozzles, chemical injectors, sandblasting and more, which help remove hard-to-clean stains, paint cement, and more, an easy task.

Time savings: It typically takes around 10 minutes to clean your car with low pressure. Cleaning that is heavy duty could take twice as long if you know how to use your machine it’s nearly impossible to work for more than an hour cleaning your car.

Cost-effective: You consume less water when you use pressure washers, and if properly maintained, will last between 5 and 10 years.

Diesel Engine

The diesel engine-powered pressure washers can be used for heavy and medium duty work. The pressure washer utilizes diesel fuel to power the high-pressure pump. Because it produces fumes it is not recommended for indoor usage. Pressure washers for diesel engines can be found in hot water machines as well as cold water equipment.

Petrol Engine

High Petrol Pressure washers for petrol engines have a similar design with the pressure washers for diesel engines. These high pressure washers make use of petrol as their primary fuel source to drive their high-pressure pump. Ideal for medium and heavy task cleaning. They also emit fumes, and are primarily designed for outdoor use. They are used primarily on construction sites, mines as well as by plumbers who require the high pressure of the water in order to flush and clean drains.

Electric Motor

Electric pressure washers must connect to 525v or 380v power, depending on the power that is available, or what frequency the power source is designed for.

All of the above pressure washers are portable, wall mounted or trailer mounted, frame mounted, bakkie mounted, and so on, based on the specifications for your company.

The most important characteristics of a pressure washer include:


What is the closest source of power? To wash cars high-pressure electric washers will be the ideal. Additionally, electric high pressure washers use a high amp in their motors, delivering a PSI of around 2000, which is an ideal pressure to wash cars. Diesel pressure washers have an increased PSI number and they are better suited to clean cars in the event that you need to get rid of old paint from your car.


The size of the nozzle is a significant factor in the quantity of water that comes from the gun. It is possible to use an extremely narrow spray to do a simple cleaning task or a strong spray to get rid of the most difficult grease stain. Be aware that there are important components of your vehicle that a strong spray could cause damage to. Therefore, you should opt for the pressure washer that has an adjustable nozzle that allows you can alter the diameter of the spray according to the cleaning requirements.

Hose Length

The proper length of hose for a high-pressure washer is around 10 meters. Any less than that will result in continuously slamming the machine. However when the hose is too long it can be a problem in the event. That you have to move your pressure washer. In the event that your washer sits fixed in positionor is attached to a trailer. It is recommended to purchase a hose reel. Either that is retractable or manual to keep your hose tidy and secure.

Cleaning Chemical

It’s not always water alone to rid of all the stain. Shampoo makes the job easier and, if you purchase the cleaning chemical along with water. From the same place and make the process easier and more efficient. The best chemical to clean cars is wax and car shampoo. That creates foam that breaks down the hard-to-clean mud. It has built up on the car or the undercarriage of trucks. Aluminum cleaner can be used to scrub the aluminum components of a truck using brushes, but it shouldn’t be used using the pressure washer.

Which Pressure Washer Do I Need?

With all the options in the marketplace. It’s advised to talk to an expert in the field of high pressure washers. Make sure you are getting the right high pressure washer to meet the job. That you require the machine to be used for.

Don’t hesitate to give us an appointment and we’ll show you our product range, or provide suggestions:

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