Take a Bus Trip to Discover the Charms of Picturesque Olive Hill, KY

The quaint little town of Olive Hill is located in Carter County, eastern Kentucky, and is better known as a ‘Trail town’ that offers many nature trail attractions in the surrounding lush green hills. 

That’s not all the reason for you to visit Olive Hill because there are many other attractions in this little town of 1,300 people. This can be your weekend getaway or you could make it a weeklong trip in the lap of nature and tradition. 

Kentucky is well-known for its country music tradition and that is a big attraction for those who love to sway to the sound of the good earth. 

Now, how do you get to Olive Hill, KY since it is deep in the eastern Kentucky country? Take it easy; you just need to find one of the many bus tours in Kentucky. 

Bus tours have a charm of their own although some folks prefer to drive down to a getaway that’s within 500 miles from where they are located. Some others drive even longer distances. 

When your heart is always behind the wheel, you won’t like anybody else in the driver’s seat enjoying the freedom of the road. 

There are others who see this freedom of the road differently. For instance, a conventional mode of transportation like long route bus services is preferred by many as the best option. 

They say with good reason that bus trips in Olive Hill, Kentucky offer great value for money as well as comfortable rides and great views along the way. 

Exciting Trailways that will get you rejuvenated 

Olive Hill is among the finest trail towns in Kentucky as it is nestled deep in Carter County amidst wooded rolling hills and creeks offering a rich outdoor experience. 

Trail towns in Kentucky trace their origins to the available natural resources like hiking and water trails as well as heritage structures like old railroads. 

The 1880s railroad depot, which is now in downtown Olive Hill has been restored and renamed the ‘Depot Trailhead’ thereby linking the town’s heritage with its outdoor attractions. 

It has since become the venue for community events, music concerts, and market days among others. There are top-quality Kentucky bus tours that will take you to Olive Hill for your little getaway. 

Authentic country music and Bluegrass jam sessions  

Kentucky has since long been an important place for country music not just in the mid-west of America but on a nationwide level too. 

Many of the great country musicians come from small towns like Olive Hill and one of the most famous among them, Tom Hall was actually born here. 

Right from the time you set foot in Olive Hill, the melody of country music in all its variants from bluegrass to the blues and from rock to classic will fill you up with excitement. 

Just ask around or do your search with the query, “Can I find any bus trips near me to go to Olive Hill?” You will find a reliable bus service before long. 

Sublime Tours USA is a reputable bus tour services company offering a range of trips to different destinations in the Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia area and beyond.

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