Five Natural Remedies to Keep Workplace Anxiety Away

Five Natural Remedies to Keep Workplace Anxiety Away

Being financially independent is a blessing; however, we cannot neglect the fact that every workplace anxiety has its own challenges. It comes with stress and anxiety that does not just hamper your work performance but also affects your day-to-day life.

The question is, how to get rid of anxiety and increase your work performance? Fortunately, many things can help you. Let me share them with you so that you know what you need to do:

Regular Exercise 

First and foremost, you must exercise regularly. If you don’t do it already, I suggest you add it to your routine now. In fact, it would be best to start the day with exercise. There’s not much that you need to do. Simply go for a morning walk every day.

A few minutes of morning walk can help decrease your stress levels significantly. You better visit a nearby park for it as greenery has its benefits. It can soothe your mind naturally, relaxing you from head to toe.


Meditation is another activity that can bring peace into your life. Whether it’s workplace anxiety or restlessness due to something else, you can always count on meditation to feel calm and relaxed. It holds especially true for mindfulness-based meditation.

To make the most of it, I suggest you meditate twice a day, once before going to the office and once in the evening after getting back from work. It will help improve your workplace performance by relaxing your mind. The more relaxed you feel, the better you function.

Mushroom Tea 

People generally believe that coffee is their better half at work. It is what keeps them on their feet when in reality, it’s not true. Coffee or anything with high amounts of caffeine can actually increase your stress and anxiety levels.

Thus, it’s best to turn to herbs and plants instead. Add magic mushrooms to your tea and enjoy herbal tea instead of coffee. Purchase some magic mushrooms and store them in your office for regular use. Trust me; it will keep you relaxed and happy.

Journal Writing 

Keep a journal in your office. It has surprising benefits. Whenever you feel restless or like nothing is in your control, take out the journal and write your thoughts and worries down. Whatever you feel, simply write it down.

It will help relieve the $1000 weight off your chest, leaving you feeling relaxed and destressed. Indeed, you cannot share everything with your colleagues or workplace friends. Not only is there a fear of judgment involved but it can be harmful, too. Thus, be friends with your journal instead. It’s a safer option.

Body Massage 

Lastly, please make sure to go for a body massage once or twice a week. If you’ve had a hectic day at work and you feel exhausted physically and sexually, go to the nearby spa instead of coming home.

The gentle strokes of massage will relieve the physical tension and mental exhaustion at the same time. It will also promote healthy sleep, so you can come home and go straight to bed. Take it as your self-care time and please don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first.

All these remedies have always helped me keep workplace anxiety at bay. I’m sure they’ll help you out as well. Do give them a try, my pals!

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