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This is not a new-age invention. The know-how of vertical blinds has been around for decades! One of the benefits of vertical blinds is its versatility. They are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and also unique in their own way. This type of window treatment is made up of a frame as well as vertical strips of fabric called blades. These blades hang off the frame and also can be tugged by cords or wands to cover the window. You might be wondering how they work. This also allows them to be tilted in order to control light and also give you privacy. Modern living room with large windows, fitted with vertical blinds

They Look Great on Large Windows

Vertical blinds look classy and also can help make a room larger. They are a popular, if not the most popular, option for living and also office rooms with large windows. Venetian blinds can be heavy for large windows. Many people prefer the louvered light control that vertical blinds have, as well as the sun-filtering benefits of both horizontal and vertical blinds.

Ideal for Sliding Doors

You have a massive piece of glass on your front door or side door that you want to obscure—but have easy access to when necessary. Vertical blinds are an excellent option because they allow you to operate them from a variety of angles. They’re especially great because you can pull the vertical blind up for easy access and operation. Other types of blinds, such as horizontal blinds, require adjustment in place or lowering the blind entirely in order to operate them.

Easy Light Control

Vertical blinds offer higher levels of tilt and also angle as Venetian blinds. It is possible to block sunlight while still being able see outside, dependent on the location of the sun. You can also adjust the blind’s angle to increase the light coming into your home at various time of day.

Attractive and Versatile

With the many types, materials, styles, and finishes that vertical blinds are made of, there’s a broad range of choices to choose something that will suit your home or office space. The straight, clean lines of a vertical blind really help any space look neat and also tidy. They’re a simple, traditional choice and look just as good with other window treatments like curtains or sheers.

They Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

Interior design that features vertical stripes gives off the illusion of more space, especially when it comes to wallpapers or vertical blinds. For example, a strip blind that is placed on the floor in front of a window will give the illusion that the ceiling is taller.

Easy to Maintain

Window treatments can be cleaned pretty easily, too. If they are constructed of fabric, they can be easily removed from the tracks and cleaned and also dried. Non-fabric materials can be wiped with a wet sponge or dusted lightly. Additionally, if any slats are damaged or worn out, they can be replaced individually if desired.

Quality Vertical Blinds in Adelaide

So, you want to get some blinds? We’ve got a wide range of options for you. You could go with the tried-and-true vertical blinds, or if you’re looking for something that saves energy and insulates, we have roller blinds in our lineup. Whatever your needs and style, we’ll help you find the perfect solution! Shop now and be sure to e-mail us with any questions!

Vertical Blinds from Country Blinds

Country Blinds are a leading manufacturer of custom-made window coverings. They produce superior products and sell to home builders, architects and designers. They’re based in Adelaide, Australia and manufacture their products there for our customers.

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