Applicable Laws for SOCAPs:

Law to Regulate the Activities of Savings and Loan Cooperatives (LRASCAP).

  • Law of the National Banking and Securities Commission.
  • Law of Protection and Defense to the User of Financial Services.
  • Law for the Transparency and Regulation of Financial Services.

Before saving in a SOCAP, verify that it is located in:

The Register of Supervised Entities of the National Banking and Securities Commission on its page ;

The record kept for this purpose by the Trust Fund for the Auxiliary Supervision of Savings and 당일대출 Cooperatives and for the Protection of their Savers “FOCOOP” on its page in the categories of “authorized”, “in process of authorization” or “basic level”.

The System of Registration of Financial Providers ” SIPRES “

Considers that saving in an entity authorized by the CNBV reduces the level of risk, since these entities are obliged to have control mechanisms, provide information to the authorities and are subject to the supervision and evaluation of the authority, in addition to having with a Protection Fund per saver of up to 25 thousand UDIS (approximately 131 thousand pesos).

The SOCAPs must make available to the partners,

either in branches or in the means established by the Assembly, the financial information of the Company. As a partner it is your right to demand transparency and proper accountability.

Take into account that some of the companies that operate outside the law can offer interest rates of more than 10% per year , which is out of the market, a high-risk situation that often leads to fraud.

Go to the CONDUSEF in case the Savings Bank does not inform you anything, does not want to return your savings, or you want to know what the situation is.

In the event of a problem with an unauthorized box, you can assert your rights before the judicial authority, demanding compliance with the commitments assumed by the box.

If you save in a Basic Level SOCAP, you must make sure that you have the character of a member and that its administrators and directors physically provide you with the certificate that accredits you as a member, invite you to participate actively in the decision-making of the Company and in the election of its Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, in addition to giving you voice and vote in the General Assemblies of Partners.

Remember that most of the problems of improper deposits, insolvency and fraud carried out on saving members of savings banks, have been committed in entities that do not have authorization and are not in the process of regularization before the FOCCOP, nor are they registered in the registry. which for this purpose administers the FOCOOP.

Before choosing a Savings Bank, investigate which institution gives you a higher interest rate, better service and charges fewer commissions.

Be sure to review, order and save all the documents that support your savings accounts, such as the contract, your account statements and the deposit slips.


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